“If a million are mobilized in Russia”

Alexey Arestovich explained that Ukraine completely closes the borders to leave for men of military age. This decision was made in connection with the mobilization in the Russian Federation.

office advisor Vladimir Zelensky noted that, if necessary, even students will be called.

“If a million people are mobilized in Russia, then what kind of departure are you talking about? We will need everyone. Do you want Ukraine to survive in general, or do you want to solve your personal problems with studying at the Sorbonne or at Oxford?” Arestovich said.

The Ukrainian military analyst noted that the reserve for mobilization in Ukraine is five and a half million people.

“Most of this million will be all sorts of rifle battalions. We will find machine guns, machine guns. There will always be uniforms of the second and third categories. A country of forty million will call for a million, if anything, and the West will help,” the military observer assured.

Earlier, Aleksey Arestovich said that the Ukrainian hackers got the data all referendum organizers and those who received Russian passports in Ukraine.

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