ICIP reacted to the statement about the participation in the telethon of “Medvedchuk journalists”

In response to a statement by a number of journalists about the sanctions in the form of suspension of media workers who worked on the channels owned by Viktor Medvedchuk before the war, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy expressed its position.

This is reported press service of MKIP.

“The ICIP has no illusions about the contribution of Medvedchuk’s channels to the current war with Russia. At the same time, we are deeply convinced that today is not the time for public lustrations and incitement of conflicts within the country and the professional journalistic community. Today, it is important who remained, switched to side of Ukraine and every day proves its position with its conscientious round-the-clock work,” the ministry said.

They also stressed that today every person, every specialist working on the united state information front is needed to defend Ukrainian statehood and defeat the Russian invaders. “Therefore, we see it expedient right now, during the war, first of all, to pay attention to the position taken by the leaders indicated in the list,” the ICIP added.

The ministry also emphasized that they cannot, given their powers, and also do not consider it appropriate to interfere in personnel policy channels and media groups.

“If we do not want to make a gap in our defense against Russia, then today we must all act as a united front and not incite discord within the country,” the ICIP summed up.

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As reported, on February 24, after the start of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, large media groups turned to the ICIP and the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting in order to unite and create a united information front to combat Russian propaganda. This became possible thanks to the efforts of all editors, journalists, presenters, who have been working 24/7 for the third month as a united front.

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