I would take a bullet for Vladimir Putin – head of Formula 1 racing

On the air of the show “Good Morning Britain” the head of the race “Formula 1” Bernie Ecclestone made a loud statement about the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“I would take a bullet for Vladimir Putin, he is a first-class person. Putin does for the sake of his country what he considers best for her,” he said.

In addition to the fact that Ecclestone came to the defense of the Russian leader, he harshly criticized the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelenskycalling him a clown and a comedian.

It is noted that the channel’s employees were seriously alarmed, they later had to publish a letter of excuse, in which they indicated that the opinion of the head of the races did not correspond to the channel’s policy.

By the way, the photographs of Putin that the studio was decorated with urgently had to apply a blur filter to the image.

Earlier, CNN said that Putin waiting for the first cracks US support for Ukraine.

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