“I was not there”: Luciano Pertossi, one of those accused of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa, speaks

Luciano Pertossi challenges the prosecutors after being cornered by the experts:

in the audience, The Public Prosecutor’s Office asked to analyze a video that the experts had not seen. The lawyer Hugo Tomei said that it was not appropriate because it was “expansion of the evidence”, but Judge Castro did not accept the claim. The experts then identified a person with a dark black garment. “We didn’t get to determine much more,” they said. Then, they compared it with slide 75 of her work. A crossover began between Tomei and the prosecutors.

“Who was subject 11 on slide 75, then?

“Luciano Pertossi”, he replied. Thus, Luciano Pertossi made a gesture to his defense attorney and asked to speak, in front of his uncle Marcos and Emilia, his sister and his defense attorney.

Noted by the experts, He took the word. It is the first time in the entire process that one of the accused decides to speak before Court No. 1.

“I want to clarify something, shall I? I was not there”he assured.

“Where was I?” prosecutors asked. Pertossi replied: “I’m not going to answer you.”

They repeated the question. Pertossi evaded her again. Visibly nervous, he said: “I’m not going to answer you.”

His tone became more and more challenging. “Who is the person in black who is behind the car?” They reiterated. “I don’t want to answer any other questions, don’t make an effort because I won’t answer anything else”, continued. She twice refused to give that information.

Then, the audience went to an intermediate room, where the relatives of the accused began to talk with Hugo Tomei. The defendants were quickly removed from the room.

Marcos Pertossi, father of Lucas, uncle of Ciro and Luciano, left the room with Emilia Pertossi, defense attorney, Luciano’s sister.

The video analyzed by the PFA experts.

“Of the three chambers of the Le Brique bowling alley, the one in the kitchen met the best conditions pFor facial and clothing comparison. This event was the trigger for the rest of the comparisons”, explained Agustina Matticolli to the judges of the Court.

Subsequently, it identified, at the request of prosecutor Juan Manuel Dávila, to the defendants with first and last names in the order in which they were expelled from the dance hall: Matías Benicelli, Máximo Thomsen, Enzo Comelli, Blas Cinalli, Ciro Pertossi, Lucas Pertossi, Ayrton Viollaz, Juan Pedro Guarino (dismissed) and Alejo Milanesi (dismissed) and Tomás Collazo, who was never charged in the case.

Then, the video taken on the sidewalk of the event is analyzed, the best-known video of the case, in which Thomsen is seen walking straight ahead with his shirt open. There, they identified: Matias Benicelli. Maximo Thomsen, Enzo Comelli. Blas Cinalli. Cyrus Pertossi. Lucas Pertosi. Ayrton Violaz. Alejo Milanesi. Tomás Collazo and Luciano Pertossi.

Nevertheless, no roles were established in these testimonialsIt has not yet been said what each of those named did.

Fernando's parents before entering the hearing today (Ezequiel Acuña)
Fernando’s parents before entering the hearing today (Ezequiel Acuña)

With the defendants in the room, the four PFA experts summoned for the day testify together.

They are Roberto Pisoli, Andrés Abruzzeze, Yanina Cuenca and Agustina Matticoli.

The four PFA experts (Ezequiel Acuña)
The four PFA experts (Ezequiel Acuña)

“The fight does not end”: speaks Pablo Ventura’s friend who is a surprise witness in the trial

Francisco Santoro was summoned by the complaint of the case. He was with the falsely accused rower on the night of the crime and shared chats with him showing his contempt for the accused

Pablo Ventura after declaring in the trial (Ezequiel Acuña)
Pablo Ventura after declaring in the trial (Ezequiel Acuña)

The ninth day of the process against the eight accused of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa added a surprise witness in the last hours. Is Francisco Santoro, a young man from Zárate who had been summoned by the complaint Fernando Burlando to testify in Court No. 1 of Dolores, but his date of appearance had not been confirmed. Santoro was finally subpoenaed last night and is en route to the city as of this writing to testify for him.

“Institution of good”: the repudiation of the rugbiers of the club where they played

The Club Náutico Arsenal de Zárate issued a statement in which it “rejects, repudiates, emphatically and definitively condemns all acts of violence” and clarifies that only three of those accused of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa were his partners.

Ciro and Lucas Pertossi, after a rugby match.
Ciro and Lucas Pertossi, after a rugby match.

The Arsenal Zárate Yacht Club distanced itself, through a statement, from the controversial words of Bernardo Sitgesfounder of the sports entity, where several of the defendants played.

One of Pablo Ventura's chats with Santoro.
One of Pablo Ventura’s chats with Santoro.

The friend of Pablo Ventura who chatted with him on the night of the crime testifies:

One of the surprises of today’s hearing, confirmed in the last few hours, is the statement of Francisco Santoro, the young man who was chatting with Pablo Ventura in the hours after learning about the crime.

Francisco Santoro was cited for the complaint by Fernando Burlando. In those conversations, Ventura -who hours later would be arrested for the act- expressed his disgust for the defendants. Those chats were displayed in the first week of the process, together with the statement of Pablo and his father José María, who called the defendants “cowards” for falsely accusing his son.

Fernando Burlando, plaintiff who cited Santoro (Ezequiel Acuña)
Fernando Burlando, plaintiff who cited Santoro (Ezequiel Acuña)
The convoy that transports the defendants.
The convoy that transports the defendants.

Shortly after 7:45, the eight accused of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa made their arrival at the courts of Dolores in the security convoy of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service, transferred from the local prison ten blocks away.

A) Yes, The ninth day of the process begins in TOC No. 1. Today’s hearing, like those that have occurred in recent weeks, will focus on exhausting the forensic evidence. Today, These are videos, with experts from the PFA who worked on the facial recognition of the footage made by witnesses and security cameras that are considered highly incriminating in the case. It is basically to give each face the correct namewhich in calculations by the prosecution can further consolidate the accusation.

Although initially there were fourteen witnesses, as he learned infobaefor the ninth day most of them will not be required by prosecutors Juan Manuel Davila Y gustavo garcianor for the complaint, headed by the lawyers Fernando Burlando Y Fabian and Facundo Amendola.

The confirmed are Yanina Cuenca, Augustine Matticoli, Ricardo Gabriel Pisoli Y Andres Bruzzesemembers of the PFA specialized in facial analysis, who will declare jointly starting at 9.

photos in Dolores: Ezequiel Acuña

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