I was anointed with blood and dead, said a two-year-old two about a stelb in Texas Svt

Dvka said they were watching a movie with their teammates. There were two teachers, Eva Mirelesov and Irma Garciaov. Vuka first ended when the teachers found out that there was an insole in the buildings. One of the teachers locked the door, but Ramos was right next to them and made a window for two.

It happened fast, CNN said. The teacher backed away, and the insole followed. He made contact with one of the en, said good night! and then he shot her. Then he opened fire, shot the second teacher and a few children.

Stables flew around the door, and a few breaks struck her shoulders and head. Miah was later married to a hospital, from where she was released with steppe wounds. The hairs are falling out, CNN said.

According to the two peelers, the insole will go to the neighboring area, from where they started to get up and kick. Then the moan stopped and Ramos played the sad music out loud, and Miah spilled a sequence of off-camera events.

With a friend, she managed to get a phone call from one of the teachers, from whom they called the country line. Please drink. We have a problem, she told the dispatcher. Because she was afraid the shooter was drilling, the blood of the dead companion, who was lying next to the pedral, that he was so dead, was anointed. Then it seemed that she was on the ground with the rest of her friends for at least three hours.

She thought the police hadn’t arrived. Then she heard they were police officers in front of the bike. In this interview, the two-year-old cried, CNN said, and said she did not want to drink for the police officer and did not rescue them.

In recent days, Texas-led police say critics have made a bad decision and have long been reluctant to take action against the insole.

The mother of the two stated that the daughter is traumatized and has no spt. Rodie founded a collection that has the cost of her therapy. During the conversation, Miah was curled up in a blanket, even though it was warm. During a conversation, an accidental booth on a mobile phone brought her out of the wall during a conversation. According to her mother, something similar happens to you often.

On the day of the coke, the ear hurt, so she went to bed with her mother. She then offered her daughter to skip the rest of the day. It was one of the last days of training before the summer holidays and they were just watching movies. Miah insisted she wanted to spin the bike to see her friends, so her mother dropped her off at the bike about an hour before the shooting, CNN wrote.

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