“I spent the holidays with my beloved”: Miroslava Karpovich found a new man after Priluchny’s betrayal

Miroslav Karpovich.

Miroslav Karpovich.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Miroslava Karpovich was in a relationship with Pavel Priluchny for two years. After a divorce from Agatha Muceniece, the actor found solace in the arms of the star of “Daddy’s Daughters”. The fans decided that it was Karpovich who stole Priluchny from his wife and caused the family to break up. Neither Pavel nor Miroslava commented on these rumors. At the same time, the artists traveled together on romantic trips and settled under the same roof. Everyone was sure that Priluchny would sooner or later make an offer to Miroslava. But the star of “Major” married a completely different woman. On August 25, he played a magnificent wedding with his colleague on the TV series “In a Cage” Zepyur Brutyan.

Fans sincerely felt sorry for Miroslav and believed that she would not soon recover from such a vile betrayal. But, as it turned out, the actress quickly consoled herself after parting with Priluchny and also found her happiness. AT interview “KP” Miroslava admitted that she celebrated the New Year with her beloved man. According to her, the new boyfriend has nothing to do with the world of cinema.

– I spent the holidays with my beloved (he is not an artist) and his family. My mother and younger sister Kristina and her fiancé celebrated in Thailand, and my younger brother Andryushka celebrated with a large group of friends. We were glad that everyone came up with a holiday of their choice, but everyone was on video, – Miroslava told Komsomolskaya Pravda during a tour in Voronezh.

Miroslava does not advertise the identity of her man. Probably, after a loud scandal with Priluchny, the 36-year-old actress prudently decided that happiness loves silence. Karpovich does not appear in public with his chosen one and does not shine on social networks.

Pavel and Miroslava hid their relationship.

Pavel and Miroslava hid their relationship.

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

In the fall, Pavel Priluchny first commented on his relationship with Karpovich. The actor admitted that the star of “Daddy’s Daughters” helped him cope with depression after the divorce. At the same time, Pavel emphasized that he had never treated Miroslava as a beloved woman.

– We never said that we are a guy with a girl. It was written by the media. Mira is a wonderful person, she is an amazing girl. I have known her for a very long time, she helped me a lot in her time. At that moment we needed each other. But we never said or showed anywhere that we are a guy and a girl. The media decided to bomb it. I feel so sorry for the girl, because she suffered so much, they wrote so much shit, ”Priluchny said in an interview for the YouTube channel of Nadezhda Sagittarius.

Pavel admitted that after the divorce from Agatha, he felt just awful. And it was Miroslava who helped him overcome this condition.

– It was three years of hell, I turned gray. I had a heart attack, yes a lot that happened during that time. And if it weren’t for Miroslava Karpovich, I wouldn’t have pulled it out, ”said the artist.


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