“I dreamed of being attacked and stabbed to death”: Brad Pitt admitted that he was suffering from facial blindness

Pitt admitted to attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

Pitt admitted to attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings


Hollywood actor Brad Pitt in a detailed interview GQ told how he felt after parting with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

The actor, at the request of the interviewer, wrote what nightmares had tormented him in recent years.

– I most often dreamed of someone jumping at me with a knife, – the actor suddenly said. – It was always at night, in the dark, and I was walking on the sidewalk in the park or on the boardwalk, and when I passed under a street lamp, like on the poster of the movie “The Exorcist”, someone jumped out of the abyss and stabbed me. In the ribs. Or I noticed that I was being followed, and then another approached me from the flank, and I realized that I had fallen into a trap, and they intended to cause me serious harm. Or I ran around the house with a child who I wanted to help escape, but on the terrace they cornered me and stabbed me – and I was stabbed. Always been stabbed. And I woke up terrified.

In addition, 58-year-old Pitt admitted to attending meetings of alcoholics anonymous. That is, ordinary US citizens suffering from alcoholism could see the idol of generations and the Hollywood star next to them on a chair.

And following the hard nut Bruce Willis, he began to suspect that he had a serious illness – a cognitive disorder, popularly known as facial blindness.

– Nobody believes me! Brad is outraged.

Pitt said that at social events he struggles to remember new people, to recognize their faces, but nothing happens. The actor is ashamed, but forgets who he saw and talked to. He has never been officially diagnosed, but he thinks he may be suffering from prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize people’s faces.

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