“I doubt that all NATO countries are now ready to carry Ukraine into the Alliance in their arms”

Political scientist Pavel Podlesny in a conversation with Pravda.Ru commented on the submission by the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky applications for accelerated entry in NATO.

Podlesny expressed doubt that NATO is now ready to accept Ukraine into its membership. The expert recalled that the former Ukraine no longer exists within the old borders. The world can recognize the results of referendums, they can recognize the admission of these new republics to Russia in the West or in the East, or somewhere else, this is one thing. But the fact remains: Ukraine does not exist within the borders to this day. The political scientist noted that in view of all this, it is not clear which Ukraine will be accepted into NATO if it comes to this.

Another point against Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance is the tension between NATO and the Russian Federation, and it is unlikely that the military alliance wants to bring matters to an open military conflict with Russia, especially since its representatives themselves have spoken about this more than once.

“Until today, all NATO leaders swore that they did not want an open conflict with Russia. Whether the new fact, I mean the admission of Ukrainian subjects to Russia, will affect it or not, it is difficult to say now. Because the events have just happened. Therefore, the office Zelensky can make any statements, but it is one thing to declare, another thing to submit an application, and thirdly, I doubt that all NATO countries are now ready to carry Ukraine into NATO in their arms,” ​​Podlesny said.

On September 30, Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Kyiv was applying to join NATO on an expedited basis.

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