I do not think that Russia will follow the same path

Political scientist, head of the Expert Club of the Sverdlovsk Region Anatoly Gagarin in an interview with Pravda.Ru commented on the words Vladimir Putin about the involvement of the Anglo-Saxons in the sabotage on the Nord Stream.

The President of the Russian Federation, in his speech on the day the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions joined Russia, said that the attack on the Russian pipeline was staged by representatives of Anglo-Saxon sabotage groups.

Gagarin is confident that the Russian Federation will soon provide evidence of this crime.

“I don’t think that Russia will follow the same path, the path of carrying out sabotage. This is not our path. Although we are constantly accused of this. But they just blame it precisely because Russia just does not use such methods,” he said. political scientist’s point of view.

He is convinced that the facts will force other countries to look at the situation differently.

“In this case, they will open the eyes of the whole world to who are the true culprits of these sabotage. And, accordingly, I think that they will require appropriate condemnation of the world community and all structures, starting with the UN and so on,” the political scientist said.

Formerly political scientist Sergey Markov called the attack on the “Nord Streams” terrorist proxy war.

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