“I bury you in my heart”

Alla Pugacheva and her whole family spoke out about the death Boris Moiseev.

The prima donna commented on the death of the 68-year-old showman, with whom the singer had creative projects and a strong friendship.

“My beloved Boriska! Loyal to friends and the stage, human being. I bury you in my heart. Forgive and Farewell,” the People’s Artist of the USSR wrote in her microblog.

supported his wife and Maksim Galkin*.

“Boris Moiseev passed away. A bright artist, a wonderful person, a friend. Free, classy, ​​kind, witty. You will be missed very much,” the comedian dedicated kind words to Moiseev.

Didn’t stay away from the sad event Christina Orbakaike, whom Moiseev called his daughter and promised her to leave real estate as a legacy.

“They took heaven. The brightest, most cheerful, talented and courageous Borenka, Boryusik, flew away from us. You are in my, our hearts forever,” Orbakaite wrote on social networks.

Formerly musician Sergey Penkin said that Alla Pugacheva helped Boris Moiseev to become a star of Russian show business.

* – included in the register of individuals acting as a foreign agent.

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