Husband Netrebko, who insulted Russians, returns to Moscow with a concert

Anna and Yusif admit that they are very comfortable together - on stage and in life.  Photo: Vladimir SHIROKOV

Anna and Yusif admit that they are very comfortable together – on stage and in life. Photo: Vladimir SHIROKOV

Yusif Eyvazov and Anna Netrebko almost a year did not appear in Russia. As you know, after the beginning of the special operation, the opera prima at first kept silence, for which she was canceled in Europe, removed from performances and erased her name from posters. As a result, Anna publicly condemned the actions of the Russian authorities. The artist also said that in her tour schedule Russia is not listed. Now she is actively performing on the European stage, which is very happy. As for her husband, Eyvazov decided to visit Moscow and give a concert.

Husband Anna Netrebko getting ready to perform in Russia. Yusif Eyvazov will soon appear on the Moscow stage.

“On December 14, an inimitable Larisa Dolina. It was an honor to stand on the same stage with Larisa Alexandrovna on the set of the New Year’s Mask, to sing with her at our big concert with Yusif is a dream,” Kirill Turichenko announced on the blog.

The Russians ambiguously perceived the message of the singer. Someone said that they were already in a hurry for tickets, but there were also those who remembered husband Netrebko scandalous insult.

So, in mid-July, the artists walked around the Italian city at night and filmed themselves. “We are happy and a little drunk, which is normal,” Anna said.

In turn, Yusif noted that her fans would write to her about drunkenness, and then added: “fuckers”: “Now fucking lizards will writethat you’re drunk.”

Netrebko assented to her lover: “They will write that I am drunk. You fucking scumbags, you fucking scumbags, is it clear to you? My husband said!

The Russians did not believe their ears. Many began to demand explanations from idols. As a result, the artist could not restrain herself and threw a tantrum due to the fact that she is constantly called a runaway and a traitor. “These words:“ She ran away … ”Hello! I have not been living and working in Russia for 20 years,” she spat at the spiteful critics.

Recall that now the performer has again become desirable in Europe. Prima gradually returned to work. She shines on the European stage, speaking unflatteringly against Russia. And about what happened, he says this: “I take care of my family. I can’t please everyone. Yes, I kind of want to sit on two chairs. And even for three, if necessary. Someday people will understand that I did not betray Russia. I’m just trying to be human.”

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