Hungary will support EU sanctions against Russia only if there are solutions to problems from them

The Hungarian authorities may support the sixth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation presented by the European Commission, which provides for embargo on Russian oilif there is a solution to subsequent problems with energy security, said the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry Peter Szijjarto.

According to the minister, who cites Hungarymatters.Hu, the adoption of a new package of sanctions will destroy Hungary’s energy security due to the inability to buy Russian oil, which is necessary for the country’s economy. The Hungarian authorities will have to spend huge amounts of money to cope with the consequences of the sanctions.

Szijjarto stressed that until the European Commission proposes a solution to these problems, Hungary will not support a new package of sanctions.

Former Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that the proposed EU embargo on Russian oil would be a nuclear bomb for his country.

“The head of the EC makes a proposal that ignores the individual parameters of states. We cannot accept it, because for Hungary it is equal to an atomic bomb,” said the head of the Hungarian government.

Hungary needs at least five years to get rid of Russian oil, Orban said. In addition, the country will need funds for these purposes.

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