Hungary is in no hurry to help restore Ukraine

Budapest has not yet decided whether it will allocate funds for the restoration of Ukraine. This was stated Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

On the radio station Kossuth he noted that the Hungarian authorities plan to resolve this issue within the next two to three months. According to him, EU leaders are already actively discussing a program of assistance to Kyiv after the end of the conflict.

As Orban explained, as part of the discussions, European politicians are trying to find out who exactly should provide money for work to restore Ukraine.

“Hungary will have to decide whether it wants to allocate funds or not. If so, in what quantity, together with the European Union or separately,” the prime minister said.

He also added that Western countries will most likely have to continue to support Ukraine. Orban stressed that the last EU summit, which discussed the financing of the Kyiv regime, turned out to be quite nervous.

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