Human rights activist on the ban on foreigners to adopt children of the Russian Federation: “They are left in hellish conditions”

human rights activist Boris Altshuler in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he criticized the bill banning the adoption of orphans from the Russian Federation by citizens of unfriendly countries. The State Duma does not think about children, he believes.

Chairman of the Board of the regional public organization “Right of the Child” Boris Altshuler explained that children should not be sacrificed to politics.

“A friendly country or an unfriendly one is politics, it’s pure politics. And the child is alive, and those living citizens of “unfriendly” countries who, perhaps, are not at all unfriendly to Russia, these citizens … This is a collective punishment of children who could be adopted , but will remain unadopted,” the fighter for children’s rights expressed his opinion.

Altshuler recalled that foreigners often adopt seriously ill children who have no chance of being in a family in Russia.

“There is only one way for them – an orphanage for disabled children and then this monstrous terrible psycho-neurological boarding school. Such boarding schools remain only in Russia. They are not found anywhere else in the world. Such “warehouses” of human meat, where there is simply neither development, nor normal life,” the human rights activist said.

He believes that the deputies doom children “to horror.”

“These children are left in hellish conditions,” the expert is sure.

Altshuler recalled the “law of Dima Yakovlev”, after the adoption of which US citizens were banned from adopting Russian children.

“It was very scary when there are really quite a lot of children ready for adoption in the States – suddenly it’s impossible. They found fault with absolutely one case,” the head of the Child’s Right public organization expressed his opinion.

The human rights activist urged the deputies to adopt children with disabilities themselves.

“Children are being sacrificed for political interests, political considerations, it’s completely immoral,” Altshuler said.

Earlier it was reported that the Russians are ready to take orphans from Donbass into families. Chairman of the Foster Parents Union Natalya Gorodiskaya explained what difficulties await adoptive parents orphans from the “hot spot”.

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