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Multiple members Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) appealed to the military prosecutor’s office with a demand to check the data on the mistreatment of Russian servicemen who filed reports of dismissal from contract service due to unwillingness to participate in war against Ukraine.

According to the text of the letter available to DW, relatives of at least six objectors reported violations of the rights of their loved ones. According to the mothers and wives of contract soldiers, such soldiers are held in illegal places of detention on the territory of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”, intimidated and tortured, while the military command refuses to sign their dismissal reports.

The authors of the letter point out that the legislation of the Russian Federation does not give the command of military units the right to punish contract servicemen who want to quit in any way – this should be done by a military court, until which the servicemen are under the protection of the state. Russian laws also provide for measures to deal with refuseniks – they must accept reports of dismissal, and the servicemen themselves must be returned to their units.

In view of this, the members of the HRC demand to check the information about the illegal detention of refuseniks on the territory of the self-proclaimed republics, to ensure the protection of the injured servicemen and to investigate the crimes committed against them.

Russians who refused to fight are being held in custody

Earlier, one of the Russian servicemen who refused to fight in Ukraine spoke about the conditions of detention of such contractors. According to the man, he and more than a hundred people after filing a report on refusing to participate in the war placed in a special “camp”and then sent to the city of Bryanka in the Luhansk region, where they were kept in custody, where they were threatened with “disbat, construction battalion and camp”, convincing them to return to the battlefield.

According to Nestka, at least 234 people are forcibly detained in this center.

Earlier HRC members published an open letter calling for an end to hostilities in Ukraine and related restrictions on freedom of speech imposed by the Russian authorities. In addition, the HRC noted that due to the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine more than 350 Ukrainians “stuck” in Russian prisonswho cannot be returned to their home country under the current circumstances.

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