How to use Wi-Fi safely: clarification of the State Service for Special Communications

The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection explained how safe it is to use public free Wi-Fi networks.

According to Ukrinform, the corresponding explanation is posted on State Special Communications website.

“Today, you can connect to free Wi-Fi networks in many food establishments, parks, public transport, shopping centers and even shelters. For many Ukrainians, this is a convenient and profitable way to access the Internet and stay in touch. However, there are risks when using public free Wi-Fi networks still exist,” the report says.

To be safe and protect your data, the State Special Communications Service advised you to follow several rules.

In particular, check the network, do not connect to unknown Wi-Fi points if you do not know who is distributing the connection. “If, for example, you are in a cafe, ask the employees about the name of the chain of the institution. Remember that cyber fraudsters can create fake networks,” experts warn.

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Gospetssvyaz also recommends using VPN services. They also remind you that it’s safer to manually connect to Wi-Fi networks each time you need to. Limit the device’s ability to connect automatically. This can be done in the settings of a laptop or smartphone.

In addition, you should disable the LAN file sharing feature on all devices. When connected to public Wi-Fi, they can become available to intruders.

Experts remind you that you can check whether access is enabled in Windows as follows: Control Panel – Network and Internet – Network Connections and Sharing Center – Advanced sharing settings.

On a Mac, file sharing settings are made in the Apple menu – System Preferences – Sharing.

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“Do not use public Wi-Fi networks to share sensitive confidential information and do important business. It is better to use a proven fixed network or mobile internet. Use an antivirus and visit only safe sites. Turn off Wi-Fi if you are not using it, ”experts say.

As reported by Ukrinformthe State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection explained whether the Russian military could tap the phones of Ukrainians, including those in the temporarily occupied territories, and how to prevent this.

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