How to save on gasoline in winter: folk ways

The colder it gets outside, the more intensively we use our car. Accordingly, the amount that we pay for fuel soars higher. To avoid unnecessary expenses, we advise you to turn to some ways to save money in winter for motorists – in the article below.

Causes of increased fuel consumption

In winter, the weather “pleases” motorists with heavy rainfall, in connection with which accidents occur on the roads. You have to stand in traffic jams longer, and drive at a lower speed. As a result, we spend more time on the road and, of course, on petrol. Warming up and heating the car interior also affects fuel consumption. To all this, the state regularly raises gasoline prices every year, which cannot but affect the average check of the car owner.

Use warm parking spaces

Most of us park in yards or along the road. In winter, such motorists “help” their car to get broken. Oil begins to freeze at cold temperatures, and it will take a lot of time and effort to start the car on the way to work. Those who leave their car indoors (garage or covered parking) win here. In this case, the car will start immediately, and you do not have to wait.

Warm up the car for a short time

If the car starts up, do not sit for a long time and wait until the interior warms up. Otherwise, expensive fuel is wasted. Naturally, in the cold season it is necessary to do this longer than usual in order to avoid unnecessary visits to the service station. Remember that one minute is enough for the parts of the machine to work as they should.

Do not use the heater too often

Heating the seat in winter is a nice feature of the car, which is used by everyone without exception. Nevertheless, if you want to save money, you should not abuse it, as well as heated windows. Better get yourself a glass cleaning brush and do it by hand. The less you use the car’s electronics, the less energy and, as a result, fuel you spend.

Unload your car

Due to bad weather and precipitation in winter, the car experiences more resistance on the road than in summer. Therefore, it is not worth increasing this figure. Remove all canopies, additional trunks from the car, and also do not use it as a warehouse. In the rear trunk you need to store only the most necessary things. So you will reduce fuel consumption during acceleration.

Plan your trips

When it comes to saving, planning is inseparable from it. Do not use the car from time to time without special need. Plan your affairs so that you do not have to start the car many times and leave it in the cold, so that you can drive again later. Spread things out over several days if they can’t be done in one trip. The result will be less fuel consumption, and your life schedule will become more stable.

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Reduced fuel consumption in winter by 2.5 liters?! Seriously?

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