How to pay with a smartphone without foreign contactless payment services

In recent years, the popularity of contactless payment for goods and services using a smartphone has only grown. According to statistics at the beginning of 2022, every third customer paid in stores with a mobile phone. Such data are provided by the NAFI Analytical Center. The preferences of Russians are quite understandable: the mobile phone is the first thing we check when leaving the house, it can rarely be forgotten. It does not take up much space, it is always at hand and it is habitual and convenient to use it.

People are accustomed to everyday comfort and the absence of the need to carry a wallet with money and bank cards. But after blocking Apple Pay and Google Pay payment services, many are concerned about the question: is there an alternative?

Fortunately, you won’t have to refuse contactless payment via a smartphone – you can still pay for purchases in this way – for example, through the Mir Pay service. We tell you how to pay by phone by loading Mir cards of various banks into it, and how to set up such payment on your smartphone.


First of all, you need to install a contactless payment application on your phone. Enter Mir Pay in the search bar for app stores – Google Play, App Gallery, RuStore. Then click on the icon of the downloaded application, click “Install”, wait for the download and open the application. The Mir Pay application is available to owners of smartphones based on Android (from version 7.0 and higher). A prerequisite is that the device supports NFC technology.


Open the downloaded app and add your national payment card to it. You can do this manually or by scanning the plastic. Then prompts will appear on the screen – you need to follow them and then the map will be activated. That’s it, now you can pay with your smartphone – just unlock it at the checkout and apply it to the terminal. To do this, you do not even need to open the Mir Pay application. By the way, the user can set up in the application the ability to pay for small amounts, for example, up to 1000 rubles, without unlocking the screen. For larger purchases, you will need to enter a password or allow fingerprint payment – follow the instructions on the smartphone screen to complete the payment. You can pay with your smartphone wherever Mir contactless bank cards are accepted.


Firstly, you can be sure that no one will see the details of your national card, since they are not stored in the smartphone and are not disclosed during the purchase process. Each payment transaction made through Mir Pay is fully protected. Even if your phone falls into the wrong hands, all operations are protected by a password or fingerprint of the owner.


Contactless payment with a smartphone is a really convenient thing. No need to remember the PIN-code (it is enough to remember the password from the phone), not to mention counting bills and digging through pockets in search of small things. Attached – and you’re done. No need to carry cards of different banks with you – they can be linked to your smartphone. For example, Mir Pay supports Mir cards of more than 100 Russian banks, including the largest ones.

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