How to pay the ticket on the CDMX Metrobús with a bank card

The Metrobús implemented a new form of payment (photo: Secretariat of Mobility CDMX/ Twitter)
The Metrobús implemented a new form of payment (photo: Secretariat of Mobility CDMX/ Twitter)

Recently the Collective Transportation System (STC) Metrobus of Mexico City announced that in some lines a new form of paymentsince now it will be possible to pay with credit card just by bringing it closer to the validator of the units or stations.

In such a way that the passengers occupying the lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Metrobús will be able to pay the recharges of the card of Integrated Mobility through his bank cardselectronic wallets, CoDi, smart devices such as: phones or watches.

Being able to enter in this way is due to the recent modernization of the toll system installed in the 122 stations that make up the transportation system, since they were replaced 366 machines total recharge.

The systems currently have the necessary infrastructure so that they can carry out contactless paymentslooking for passengers to access in an agile way just by introducing their bank card in the slot corresponding or in the reader of the machine.

In case of performing the contactless paymentthe dependency explained that it will be enough to bring the plastic closer to make the purchase or recharge of the MI card, while people who have a phone or smart watch where they contain either: an electronic wallet or bank cards with technology without contact, they should only place them on the digital reader of the machine or turnstile and they will be able to enter without using the MI card.

Likewise, the head of the CDMX Mobility Secretariat (Semovi), stressed that it is a process of homologation and generalization of the use of Integrated Mobility plastic: “The widespread use of the mobility card in the different transports of the City, what gives more options for users when accessing the service”.

Not all lines have this service (photo: Secretariat of Mobility CDMX/ Twitter)
Not all lines have this service (photo: Secretariat of Mobility CDMX/ Twitter)

He explained that the minimum recharge amount would be 20 pesoswhile the maximum amount would correspond to the amount of 120 pesosand for transfers that are paid for with smart devices, only the cost of a trip.

It is worth mentioning that each of the stations has trained personnel who have the ability to explain to users how to carry out the process of buy, recharge either validation in the new collection system.

The implementation of this payment method required the collaboration of the Government of Mexico City and Metrobús, as well as the companies Work Level, Getnet, Conduent and VISA. These institutions combined their technologies and solutions to put in the hands of Metrobús passengers the new pioneer payment method in Mexico.

It is a pioneering form of payment (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)
It is a pioneering form of payment (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)

In such a way that what it placed at the forefront, at the level of cities in the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States of America, Brazil and some other cities in Latin America, and at the same time the capital’s government endorsed its commitment to provide the city of an innovative, safe, reliable toll system with greater security conditions.

When using a bank card as a form of payment to enter the Metrobús, the turnstile validators will automatically perform a discount of 10 pesoswhile five pesos will be returned automatically in three daysaccording to the information provided by the official Metrobús portal.


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