How to grow kiwi at home

Kiwi is a delicious fruit with a lot of useful properties, which is considered exotic, and until now, unable to grow in our latitudes. However, now there are easy ways to grow kiwi even on your windowsill.

Preparing kiwi seeds for sowing

Most varieties of kiwi are well suited for indoor growing. The most popular, giving a good harvest, are hayward and bruno.

When choosing a fruit in a store, it is necessary to focus on a ripe fruit, without external defects and damage.

To obtain seeds, the kiwi is thoroughly washed, cut in half and the skin is carefully removed from one part. The peeled fruit is kneaded with a fork, having previously placed it in a mug, and poured with warm water for ten minutes. After that, the glass is washed, thus getting rid of the pulp and leaving only the seeds.

The seeds are laid out on paper and left to dry in a warm, dry place for about three hours. The seeds are then germinated. To do this, they are wrapped in a cloth moistened with water, placed on a saucer, covered with a plate and left in a warm place for seven days. During this period, you need to ensure that the fabric always remains wet. It is recommended to remove the film at night. A week later, the first shoots will appear.

Soil for sowing

The best choice of soil is a mixture of peat soil, humus, sand and turf in different proportions. You can also buy a ready-made earthen substrate in specialized stores.

Planting seeds

Drainage must be poured at the bottom of the pot. Expanded clay is suitable for this. Lay it in a layer of four centimeters. The next layer is soil. It is leveled and holes are made at a distance of five centimeters with a depth of no more than ten millimeters.

Three seeds are placed in each hole, this will ensure their best germination. The pits fall asleep, water well with warm water and cover with a film. Every day, the film must be lifted and the soil saturated with water from a spray bottle.

It is best to choose a long pot, and place it on the south side so that the plants receive enough light and heat.

Seedling care

The first shoots usually appear within a week after planting the seeds. Weak sprouts must be removed, and the remaining ones should be watered twice a week with settling water.

Plants need to be given a fairly spacious area for full development. To do this, they need to be thinned out. It is best in the initial stages, when the sprouts can be easily removed from the ground.

After the seedlings reach a height of 11 centimeters, they are divided into different containers. After six months of development, kiwi is fed with compost, and complex mineral fertilizers are applied in summer.

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How to grow kiwi at home?

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