How to deal with panic attacks, said the psychologist

To deal with panic attack, you need to focus your attention on breathing and bodily sensations. This opinion was expressed by a clinical psychologist Valeria Ryzhik.

In an interview with URA.RU, she noted that in the case severe anxiety it is also recommended to eat something unusual in taste, such as menthol or citrus candy. In addition, the specialist urged to consider a panic attack as a temporary condition.

If it is difficult for a person to concentrate, one should try to find five red objects around him, the psychologist explained.

“You can get distracted by the count, let’s say, subtract 7 out of 100,” the expert said.

Ryzhik also added that for some people, panic attacks can last more than an hour. According to the psychologist, they arise due to hypochondria, increased neuroticism, post-traumatic stress disorder, abuse of alcohol, caffeine or psychotropic substances.

In addition, conditions resembling a panic attack may indicate the development of serious diseases, the specialist concluded.

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