How to deal with noisy neighbors, human rights activist explained

If neighbors regularly make noise and do not respond to comments, you need to go to court with recorded facts of violations. This was stated by the President of the Russian Section of the International Society for Human Rights Vladimir Novitskyanswering a Pravda.Ru question about how to pacify loud neighbors.

According to the human rights activist, before filing an application with the court, it is necessary to record loud sounds on a dictaphone and collect evidence about the deterioration of health due to noise. As Novitsky explained, compensation for non-pecuniary damage can be demanded from neighbors.

“If neighbors regularly violate public order, the question of forced eviction may be raised by alienating their apartment, if it is owned, or by moving to another residential building, if they are provided with municipal housing. Everything is decided in court. bringing to administrative responsibility is necessary when fixing the very fact of the violation,” the source said.

He also added that neighbors, having learned about the arrival of the police, may stop behaving noisily. In order to avoid a fine for a false call, the human rights activist recommended making a sound recording of the event and finding witnesses.

The human rights activist emphasized that neighbors face fines for constant noise as part of administrative responsibility.

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