How to avoid subsequent waves of mobilization, military expert explained

For the liberation of Donbass, one wave of partial mobilization is enough. However, it should be borne in mind that the United States, Great Britain and the European Union intend to further drag out the conflict. This was stated by a military expert, director of the Air Defense Museum Yuri Knutov in conversation with Pravda.Ru.

The West has repeatedly said that the struggle should continue almost until 2024, the historian emphasized.

“They will do everything to ensure that the war only escalates, to ruin our economy, exhaust people, cause socio-economic crises, discontent in the country, and lead the matter to a coup,” the source explained to Pravda.Ru.

In this case, Russia will be forced to carry out subsequent mobilization waves. However, according to Knutov, this can be prevented by powerful blow in Ukraine, which will force the Kyiv regime to surrender.

There were statements from Washington that if the Russian army won an impressive victory, then the ground forces, the US air force would get involved in the conflict, the expert noted.

“Therefore, the blow must be powerful and decisive! So devastating that by the time the West begins to recover from the unexpected effect, everything will be over here. This will no longer mean support for the Kyiv regime, but in fact the start of a direct war between NATO and Russia, to which after all, many Western politicians will not go,” Knutov concluded.

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