How to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking abroad: advice from the Ministry of Reintegration

The Ministry for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories gave Ukrainians advice on how not to become a victim of human trafficking abroad.

According to Ukrinform, you can get acquainted with them in Telegram departments.

“Since February of this year, more than 9 million citizens have left Ukraine, according to the UN. Human traffickers have also stepped up. In particular, at border crossing points and in countries hosting refugees,” the ministry said.

In this regard, Ukrainians are advised not to trust strangers. Never give your passport or other identity documents to anyone, keep copies of them separately from the originals.

In addition, you should constantly be in contact with a loved one in Ukraine, especially when crossing the border. You need to get a job officially, do not trust the offers of quick money.

“Keep the most important contacts close at hand: phone numbers of hotlines, volunteers, lawyers, addresses of embassies, etc.,” the ministry added.

Human trafficking (trafficking) has different forms: labor and sexual exploitation, involvement in begging or criminal activities, use in armed conflicts, etc. e. Many victims are unaware of what they are involved in, experts explained.

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On February 24, the Russian Federation launched a new phase of the war against Ukraine – a full-scale invasion. Russian invaders shell and bombard peaceful cities and villages of Ukraine, torture and kill the civilian population.

Several million Ukrainians fled their homes to escape the war. The Ukrainian Defense Forces are putting up decent resistance to Russian troops.

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