How to add oil to the engine correctly

All car owners know for sure that it is necessary to regularly change engine oil. And this must be done strictly at a certain time, according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of this car.

But sometimes it happens that due to some malfunctions or design features of the engine of a certain car model, the engine oil begins to gradually leave, or as the people say: “the engine eats oil.” Accordingly, in the period between the scheduled oil change, the motorist has to top up the missing amount. That’s just about how to do it right, we want to tell in our article.

Oil “leaves”: the main reasons

We must begin to think about the problem if the oil loss is one liter per two thousand car mileage. Such an indicator can quite obviously indicate a malfunction of the engine. In this case, it is strongly recommended to diagnose the motor and identify the cause of the oil loss.

The appearance of cracks in the cylinder head

Oil can “leave” for several reasons. Most often, this is the appearance of cracks in the cylinder head. In this case, coolant begins to flow into the oil, and this is accompanied by the appearance of characteristic smoke. It is this bluish smoke that indicates that the oil has begun to burn.

“Non-native” oil

Another reason may be the situation when the car owner, through an oversight, topped up the engine with oil other than the filled one. This can sometimes lead to a loss of lubricity by mixing incompatible additives.

Cracked and dried pads

Also, oil can “leave” due to dried and cracked gaskets. To eliminate such a malfunction, you should open the motor and change the gaskets. Although at first glance, such a repair seems very simple, in practice it is a serious and time-consuming work, which is quite expensive.

Turbocharger failure

Another reason may be a malfunction of the boost turbines. Such incorrect turbocharging leads to an increase in engine temperature, and this in turn leads to burning of the oil. Such burnt oil clogs the channels and the car owner has no other choice but to make major repairs.

In some cases, the design of the motor itself allows a certain rate of oil consumption, for example, one liter per three thousand kilometers. Moreover, such an allowable rate is set by the car manufacturer itself. At the same time, knowing about this nuance, the car repair shop refuses to repair motors when the car owner complains about the loss of oil.

It should be noted that there are other reasons why the engine may lose oil, but we will talk about them in other articles, and in the continuation of this one we will take a closer look at ways to top up the missing oil.


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