How to access the free services for companies of the Single Window for Services

The Single Window for Services detailed the procedures and benefits that company collaborators can access.  Courtesy: Single Window for Services
The Single Window for Services detailed the procedures and benefits that company collaborators can access. Courtesy: Single Window for Services

The Single Window for Services indicated the benefits that companies can access through the assistance provided by the option of amassive squadwhich allows you to file four or more procedures regularly and the option to manage them by scheduling appointments.

E transit and transportation procedures, the massive scheduling is not available to all citizens, those interested in being part of this program will have to apply for their link.

In order to legalize this link, the person in charge of the business, financial and/or economic sector must make a request to the following email: [email protected]indicating in the subject ‘MASS LINKING’.

It should be noted that in the body of the email you must indicate: full name, citizenship card, contact number and email, in addition to attaching the following documents:

  • Copy of the identity card of the legal representative, if applicable for a company.
  • Copy of the identity card of those authorized to file.
  • RUT (natural and legal person applies).
  • Completed form, with legible and signed information.

The Single Window for Services indicated that the applicant should be attentive to the email, since the response to the link will be sent there and, if successful, it will indicate how to make the request for programming the agenda.

Thus, the concessionaire or company to which the registered person belongs, saves time in the filing processes and obtaining the procedures offered by the Single Window of Services.

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The services are only aimed at collaborators of companies and dealers selling vehicles and motorcycles in Bogotá. This assistance has all the support, agility, quality and security, of the cases to be processed.

Plate pre-assignment: this service offers vehicle and/or motorcycle sales dealers in Bogotá a pre-assignment of plate ranges, depending on the need. To access this service you must communicate via email: [email protected]


  • Permanent availability of plates, as you are the one who manages them.
  • Quick plate assignment via email.
  • Reduction of time and expenses by avoiding trips to service points.

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Payments by transfer: this service allows any corporate client the possibility of making payments through electronic transfers, for your convenience and security. Interested parties should contact the following email: [email protected]


  • Security and agility for the dealer when making payments for procedures.
  • Through email, the concessionaire makes the request for payment of the rights corresponding to the procedures he wishes to carry out.
  • Detailed and secure control of transfer payments through an account designated for this purpose.

My current license: the Single Window for Services highlighted that this service will provide all collaborators, from different public and private entities, the exercise of processing any assistance related to the driving license (RDC) without having to go to attention points.


  • Personalized service.
  • People should not go to our service points.
  • We collaborate with companies with their wellness programs.
  • Carry out your procedures efficiently, quickly, safely, without intermediaries or additional costs.

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