How they could have committed sabotage on the Nord Streams, military expert explained

military expert Vadim Kozyulin believes that, judging by the three damages, on gas pipelines “Nord Stream“Definitely there was a diversion. The analyst told about this in an interview with the VZGLYAD newspaper.

He noted that it is still difficult to name a specific culprit. But it is clear that the interests of Russia and Europe are primarily affected. Then the United States and even Britain come to mind, Kozyulin added.

In his opinion, there may be several possible options for sabotage on gas pipelines.

So, there are sabotage submarines with a crew for which a depth of 100-150 meters is not critical.

“It seems to me that they approached these pipes precisely under water. Surely there was no tracker on the submarine that would allow tracking its movement,” the source suggested.

The expert also did not rule out the use of an uninhabited underwater vehicle (UUV). According to him, such devices for the most part have elements of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, the sabotage could have been committed offline, he concluded.

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