How the “wedding general” Beglov was not allowed to see the president

Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, who devotes most of his working trips to various festive events, found himself “in the shadows” at one of the most important events of federal significance. This is evidenced by the fact that the “wedding general” did not receive the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of the celebration of the Day of the Navy.

Last spring, the media wrote about the unwillingness of the St. Petersburg mayor to give up solemn nomenklatura activities, leaving for various holidays of the exhibition. According to an analysis of the activities of Alexander Dmitrievich from February 1 to May 7, out of 72 working trips of the governor, 56.9% were devoted to formal events. At the same time, inspections or tours of districts amounted to only 13.9%. Such indicators indicate that Beglov prefers to devote most of his working time to festive events, rather than solving real city problems, which confirms his status the so-called “wedding general”.

The governor of St. Petersburg also takes part in the festive events of the federal level taking place in the Northern capital, but the degree of this participation, as practice shows, is insignificant. This is evidenced by the fact that the “wedding general” was not even allowed to walk next to the Russian president during a walk through the museum and historical park “Island of Forts” in Kronstadt, timed to coincide with the celebration of Navy Day. Left without attention from the Kremlin and high-ranking guests, Beglov was limited to a modest congratulations in his telegram channel, once again recalling the successes of Peter I.

“This year we celebrated the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great. Through his deeds and victories, Russia became an Empire, St. Petersburg was founded, the foundations of our country’s maritime power were laid. Peter returned the Baltic shores. command of the Navy, by the decision of the President, the Main Naval Parade is held. We are proud of the sailors – our courageous defenders!” — wrote Alexander Dmitrievich.

Recall that the day before, as part of the visit of the head of state to the northern capital, Governor Beglov was “in the second row”, next to the guards who carried briefcases. At the same time, as noted by a number of telegram channels, the St. Petersburg governor tried to hide behind the backs of distinguished guests, so as not to get into the camera lenses.

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