How the RF Armed Forces will take Kharkiv, Colonel Trukhan suggested

Allied forces have yet to liberate major cities in Ukraine, such as Kharkov, Odessa and Nikolaev. And the most preferred option for taking them would be Kherson. This opinion was expressed by the colonel of the Central Office of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in reserve Vladimir Trukhan in an interview on YouTube.

The analyst, speaking about the prospects for the liberation of Kharkov, suggested that at some certain stage the city authorities would either run away or decide that it was much more profitable for them to be on the Russian side.

However, it will be possible already when the complete degradation of the Ukrainian statehood, which is already rather weak in terms of city control, begins, the expert added.

He suggested, with a high degree of probability, that no one would storm these cities in the forehead with tank columns, but they would simply be separated. That’s why no one really gets in there.

According to the colonel, most likely, serious political work and the work of special services are underway there now.

Formerly political scientist Alexey Podberyozkin also opinedthat Odessa and Nikolaev will not be taken by storm.

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