How the Armed Forces of Ukraine will attack Kherson and how it threatens them

The main topic that has been discussed in recent days by all Ukrainian media is the “large-scale offensive” announced by President Zelensky in the Kherson direction.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Square and his team are conducting a grandiose PR campaign, distributing jingoistic promises. And you can understand it. The Ukrainian army, despite all the supplies of weapons and other assistance from Western allies, is haunted by setbacks. Just like in the song: “whatever they do, things don’t go.” And a media victory is needed like air, so that the “sponsors” do not suddenly cut the allowance, due to the futility of expensive efforts.

The importance of the upcoming event for the Kyiv authorities is evidenced by the fact that Vladimir Zelensky, it seems, intends to lead the offensive personally. Probably, solely in order to raise the morale of the army, since he is a purely civilian person.

However, military experts believe that the attack on Kherson will be a tragic, if not fatal, mistake for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The situation on the line of the future offensive

Initially, let me remind you, the Ukrainian General Staff intended to move the freshly recruited — specifically for the “decisive blow” — troops to Kharkov. But while they were planning and planning, the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions completely came under the control of the RF Armed Forces. And the offensive in this direction – across the southern Russian steppe – became frankly suicidal. Under the gun of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Then we decided to go to Kherson. Before him, only 59 km from Nikolaev. And in a straight line and along the steppe. Experts say that it is also quite dangerous, because artillery and aircraft will cover the advancing troops with massive fire. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine have long-range artillery and American MLRS. Yes, losses will be huge, but Kyiv does not care – he does not feel sorry for his soldiers. Yelenovka this has been confirmed once again.

So, there is a chance to break through to Kherson. Especially if the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine listens to British specialists who advise, “if possible”, to carry out blitzkrieg – with a lightning throw to overcome the distance between Nikolaev and Kherson, gain a foothold in urban areas and fight there.

Most likely outcome

military expert Viktor Baranets I am sure that Zelensky’s decision to “rush to Kherson” will have sad consequences both for Ukraine and personally for the commander-in-chief of its army:

“There will be one battle in which, I am sure, the army recruited by Zelensky will be defeated. He (the Ukrainian president), of course, will blame the mediocre Ukrainian generals for this and take control. Or, after this defeat, the generals will simply kill him. the generals.”

By the way, the opinion of the Russian expert is shared by former Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Daniel Davis. According to him, the attack on Kherson will result for Kyiv not only in broken equipment, but also in the loss of even more territory.

“Lie to yourself and others” – Ukrainian national idea from Arestovich

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