How stars who escaped abroad earn: Khamatova now has an agent in Hollywood, Galkin is called on TV, and Litvinova and Dapkunaite have performances

Renata Litvinova and Ingeborga Dapkunaite will make a living with solo performances.

Renata Litvinova and Ingeborga Dapkunaite will make a living with solo performances.


Artists who have fled the country are actively looking for ways to make money. Families need to be fed, but I don’t want to withdraw money from foreign accounts – the millions earned earlier are wisely invested and work for interest. In Russia, the stars received a lot of money: crazy fees for advertising, concerts, performances, filming, work on TV, participation in “reserves” for the rich and large corporations. There will be no such fees abroad. Many people have savings in foreign banks, but not everyone wants to spend them on essential needs. The stories of five millionaires who managed to make good money in Russia and are now establishing a life abroad.

Chulpan Khamatova, 46 years old, three children

Actress Chulpan Khamatova with three daughters (Arina – 20 years old, Asya – 19 years old, Iya – 11 years old) has been living in Latvia since March. One girl of the actress is adopted, and their fathers, ex-husbands of the star, financially help two other daughters. Rumors about the “poverty” of the artist were slightly exaggerated.

Immediately after the move, Khamatova had stress, which provoked statements about lack of money: “Even to get from the airport to my house in the village, I needed the help of other people, because I didn’t have money to rent a car. I am very grateful to everyone who helps me.”

According to the colleagues of the actress: everything turned out to be not so hopeless from a financial point of view. It was at the beginning that the cards of Russian banks were blocked, but this issue was resolved – the money was transferred. Khamatova made good money in Russia: she received from 130 to 260 thousand rubles for going on stage in a performance; and there were several such performances in a week, as the artist played in two theaters. Therefore, the savings were; plus help came from friends and other sympathizers; plus a new job, but the salary at the New Riga Theater is small – about 1,200 euros (76 thousand rubles) per month. Khamatova maintains a country house – bought 8 years 80 km from Riga, thanks to which the artist received a residence permit. Also, the star is now renting an apartment in Riga. However, in order to feel comfortable from a financial point of view, Khamatova needs to start earning actively. For example, acting in films – but there are no major projects in Latvia. There are no such fees as in Russia for actors either. In the theater, earnings are modest, there is a chance to make money on performances in the case of tours around Europe, but for this you need a producer who organizes these trips – for example, with a new one-man show by Khamatova.

As the Russian colleagues of the actress told, she is looking for ways to earn money: “Khamatova got an agent in America, this is a chance to get a job that pays normally. There are enough stars there. But now there is a chance to get “in the stream” in the United States – with such a position. This requires connections. Another option: producers who have left and will make films will also have in mind such recognizable movie stars as Khamatova, Ingeborga Dapkunaite.” As they say in film circles, the chances of finding work with new Western film directors in Khamatova’s cinema are 20 to 80. But getting into new films that Kirill Serebrennikov and other “departed” will shoot is 100 percent.

Anatoly Bely, 50 years old, two children

Actor Anatoly Bely with his wife and children moved to Tel Aviv this summer. The artist’s wife Inessa is a designer, she has a daughter from her first marriage, and a son (15 years old) and a daughter (12 years old) were born in a marriage with Bely. Since the 90s, the actor’s sister Zhanna has lived in Tel Aviv – she works as a doctor. Anatoly’s parents also moved to Israel many years ago. The real name of the actor is Weissman. White is a creative pseudonym.

Anatoly Bely danced with a partner in the TV show

Anatoly Bely danced with a partner in the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” back in March. And now, under the new-old surname Anatoly Vaysman, he finds a job in Israel.


Saying goodbye to the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov at a banquet on the occasion of the closing of the season, Anatoly thanked his colleagues for the years of joint work. Colleagues after his departure remembered that his first wife brought Bely to the Moscow Art Theater – actress Marina Golub begged to take Anatoly to Kirill Serebryannikov’s performance “Terrorism”.

In Israel, Anatoly Vaisman is now negotiating to work in theaters. For example, in Tel Aviv there is the famous Gesher Theater, created in the 90s by immigrants from the USSR – the performances are in Hebrew with Russian subtitles. There are other companies that are engaged in theatrical productions. As the actor himself said the other day: now he is considering three theatrical proposals for participation in performances at once. While the artist improves his language skills, he will be able to tour with a mono-performance in Russian. There are options for earning money – another thing is that he will become more modest. In Moscow, in addition to working in the theater, Bely made good money – he acted in films.

Renata Litvinova, 55, one child

The actress, screenwriter and director has a beautiful time in her apartment in Paris – she writes a new play, arranges photo shoots, and relaxes. Renata Litvinova bought housing in Paris near the Arc de Triomphe for seven years, since her only daughter Ulyana studied at school in France. The apartment is spacious – 100 sq. m. Singer Zemfira, student daughter Ulyana and friends often visit there. Daughter Litvina is studying fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. Ulyana will be a designer and has already released two collections of clothes, with the sponsorship of her mother. By the way, Litvinov’s daughter pays $7,500 for a year of study.

Tickets for Litvinova's performance in Tallinn.

Tickets for Litvinova’s performance in Tallinn.

Of course, Renata Litvinova has savings from creative activities in her homeland. But according to rumors, Litvinova’s beautiful life is supported by her wealthy lover, a French millionaire. However, Litvinova is going to work. Renata thought of staging her new play “Cactus” at the Moscow Art Theater, but now she has revised it – apparently, adding “thorns”. “Cactus” Litvinov in September is lucky to be prime minister in Tallinn. There will be a festival – in translation, its name sounds like “The Cranes Are Flying”. Litvinova presents the play as a monologue written in desperation, addressed to someone real and fictional at the same time. The price of tickets for a mono-performance by Renata Litvinova is from 250 to 600 euros. There are 12 rows in the hall, 25% of tickets have been sold at the moment. Later, mini-tours are planned in Europe, but at the beginning, the artist and screenwriter will appreciate the first reaction of the public. In the cinema, one shooting day for Litvinova costs 10 thousand euros, but she carefully selected the pictures – so we are unlikely to see her soon on the set.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite, 59, one child

Actress Dapkunaite is divorced, but the ex-husband helps financially with raising her son. The actress reunited with her family in Brussels: “I’m here because my family is here – my mother, my sister.” Ingeborga Dapkunaite left Moscow for Belgium with her 5-year-old son Alex five months ago. According to rumors, in the summer she visited Moscow on business – she seemed to be seen in an elite beauty salon, and she came to rent out her elite housing and settle cases on previous projects.

Tickets for the Dapkunaite performance in Tallinn.

Tickets for the Dapkunaite performance in Tallinn.

Dapkunaite in September in Tallinn will show a performance at the same Cranes Are Flying festival as Litvinova. The hall is small – 12 rows, at the moment 10% of tickets have been sold. Ticket price: 190 – 500 euros. Ingeborga will show the play “Hello to those who have waited” – here she is the only artist. Litvinova advertises the new production: “This is the most personal thing I’ve ever done in the theatre.” Dapkunaite talks about herself, her family, her favorite places in Lithuania, her mother is a meteorologist and her father is a diplomat. – and reconstructs funny and sad, simple but touching events in the life of Ingeborga. This is not a premiere, the performance has been shown in Moscow several times. The artist plans to show her one-man show at European venues.

Dapkunaite has an agent in Europe, so she may soon find a job in a theater agency. Ingeborga’s main income in Russia consisted of filming commercials, serials, and participation in theatrical productions. The fee for one shooting day at Dapkunaite was 5,000 euros. Of course, the star has a decent savings after a couple of decades of highly paid filming. Dapkunaite does not expect such earnings as they were in Russia. But there will be single filming in the cinema – and according to rumors, they are not far off.

Maxim Galkin, 46 years old, 2 children

The only one of the departed artists who has repeatedly been included in the ratings of the richest celebrities in Russia from Forbes. According to the latest ranking of the rich, Maxim Galkin earned $ 3 million in a year at the height of the pandemic. Galkin was one of the most sought-after hosts of private events (50 thousand euros per evening); he was “torn apart” by large advertisers (several million dollars from each a year); worked on TV. Surely the savings on Maxim’s accounts in foreign banks will be enough for studies and weddings, not only for his children, twins Lisa and Harry Galkin, but also for his grandchildren.

Maxim Galkin now collects small but full halls.  Tickets are not cheap - earnings are stable.

Maxim Galkin now collects small but full halls. Tickets are not cheap – earnings are stable.


However, Maxim Galkin may not touch the money in the accounts – for sure they are wisely invested and work to multiply. Maxim Galkin earns money for the current expenses of his wife Alla Pugacheva and children – he has a tour of large and small cities in Europe, and then the artist will rush to America. Maxim Galkin managed to start with concerts very quickly for a couple of reasons: he used to constantly travel to Europe and America – he performed for people from the countries of the former union; therefore, connections with the halls and organizers have been developed over the years. The public knows Maxim Galkin, and his concerts have always been sold out. He does not need scenery, musicians, lights and other special effects – he wrote a new program and is on his way. Depending on the size of the hall and the terms of the lease, the average fee for one concert is from 6 million rubles. Galkin received an offer to work on Israeli TV, as the family temporarily settled in this country. However, he has so far refused – the tour schedule is scheduled until the end of the year and there are plans for next year. It turns out that Maxim is the most sought-after and earning artist today from those who left the country.

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