How Russia should respond to the Nord Stream explosions, the political scientist explained

Many experts believe that the damage to Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 is planned sabotage. According to the political scientist Yakova KedmiRussia must conduct its own investigation, working in tandem with Sweden and Denmark, to find the perpetrators of the crime. The expert is convinced that the operation was carried out by the state with a powerful army.

“Here we need armed forces, units that have the ability to conduct underwater operations at a great distance, unnoticed, without attracting attention. The act itself, if it is carried out by the state, is an act of war,” Kedmi said.

The expert stressed that the technical and operational capabilities of the deep-sea fleet of Russia are little known, but they are among the best in the world. The Poseidon nuclear drone, which the West is afraid of, is only a small part of Russia’s deep-sea capabilities, Kedmi said.

“The most effective way to sober up any enemy is to destroy its strategic combat power. If Russia is able to more effectively and quickly destroy the US strategic nuclear power, then it is quite logical to start with this. And then all issues will be resolved,” the expert said on the air of Solovyov LIVE”.

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