How Poland is now taking revenge on Ukraine for the Volyn massacre

Poland and Ukraine - friends now?

Poland and Ukraine – friends now?

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In response to our historical columns, reader Vitaly Gromov from Krasnoyarsk asks questions in a personal account: why did the Poles so soon forget about the Volyn massacre, in which the Ukrainian Nazis exterminated up to hundreds of thousands of peaceful Poles? Why are the Poles now helping the Ukrainian Nazis? Why doesn’t history teach these Poles anything?

We believe, dear Vitaly, that the Poles are far from being as primitive as they try to seem. And their love for Ukrainian neo-Nazis is not real – from the category of military cunning. But let’s look at everything in order.


In 1917, as a result of two revolutions in Petrograd, the Russian Empire began to fall apart into separate independent republics – Transcaucasian, Baltic … Taking advantage of the weakness of the central government, Finland, Poland and Ukraine declared their independence. A war began between Poland and Ukraine for Volhynia and Galicia, which both sides considered their own. Poland won. The Poles could have captured the whole of Ukraine, but the Red Army intervened. As a result, Ukraine remained part of the USSR, while Volyn and Galicia were ceded to Poland. But in 1939, the strengthened Soviet state took these lands from Poland and transferred them to Ukraine.

On June 30, 1941, the Ukrainian Nazis, led by Stepan Bandera, delighted by the German attack on the USSR, announced the creation of a new independent Ukraine on the central square of Lviv. Ethnically pure, without any Poles, Jews, Russians, Hungarians, etc. “The restored conciliar Ukrainian state will closely cooperate with the National Socialist Greater Germany, which, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, is creating a new order in Europe and the world …”.


And many so-called “ordinary” Ukrainians responded to the call. The first thing they did was take on the Jews. From the memories of the Poles about Jewish pogroms: “Inhuman screams, broken heads, disfigured bodies and beaten faces, covered in blood mixed with dirt, aroused the bloodthirsty instincts of the mob, which howled with pleasure. Women and old men, who were lying on the ground almost breathless, were poked with sticks, dragged along the ground, pregnant women were kicked in the stomach…”.

The Poles and other “inferior” people were not touched at first, ordering them to get out of the square themselves. But not everyone got away. As a result, on July 11, 1943, Bandera’s thugs, with the active support of the “simple” Ukrainian population, immediately attacked 176 villages and villages in which the Poles remained. Ukrainian Nazis have always been distinguished by terrible sadism. They did not just kill the Polish population – from infants to the elderly, but they killed with sophisticated cruelty, enjoying the violent torment of the victims. Why did the Poles call the Ukrainian nationalists “rezun”. And Polish historians counted 125 sadistic ways of killing Poles by Ukrainians. But we will not paint those ways, sparing the psyche of readers. So on the bloodiest day of July 11, as well as in the days that followed, Bandera in Western Ukraine destroyed about 100 thousand Poles! Glad to kill more, but there was no more.

And now, both in Russia and in Israel, literate people, looking at television screens, cannot understand anything: the Polish President Duda himself arrives in Kyiv, travels along Stepan Bandera Avenue. Then, according to all the canons, the LGBT hugs and caresses the new successor of the cause of the nationalists – President Zelensky. Declares that Poland will flood Ukraine with weapons so that the Ukrainian national battalions do not experience a shortage of shells!

And literate people wonder: Has Duda gone mad? Or did he not study the history of his own fatherland at all?

In our opinion, everything is quite simple and logical. The Poles, to put it mildly, do not like both Russians and Ukrainians. Ukrainians, we believe, are not loved much more, because the Ukrainians, unlike the Russians, staged a real genocide for the Poles. And if the Ukrainians are not helped with weapons, they will surrender and remain alive. Do they, the Poles, need it? And the fewer Ukrainians that remain, the Poles have more chances to take Volhynia and Galicia, which Poland considers its lands. Obviously for the same reasons, Poland announced that it would not accept a single Russian deviator. There is nothing for them to hide here, let them go to beat the Ukrainians!

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