How NATO arranged the conflict in Ukraine, the colonel of the Chinese army explained

The reason for the Russian special operation in Ukraine politics has become NATO to expand to the east. And if international tension continues to escalate, it could lead to a military conflict with the use of nuclear weapons. This opinion was expressed by a retired senior colonel of the Chinese army. Zhou Bo in the column for South China Morning Post.

He believes that the conflict in Ukraine began because Russia’s warnings were ignored by the North Atlantic alliance. The organization did not abandon its plans, but continued to expand to the east.

According to the retired Chinese military, under any circumstances, the NATO bloc should not allow the possibility of a first nuclear strike against Russia.

The alliance must also stop further expansion to the east if Moscow gives up the right to launch a nuclear strike first, and start the process of negotiations on new security mechanisms in Europe, the expert wrote.

Earlier, Russian political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky explained why disappearance US military bases around the world will allow the population of Eurasia to live relatively calmly.

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