How much does it cost to skydive from 3 beautiful destinations near CDMX

The parachute jump is accompanied by an expert.  (Photo: Pixabay)
The parachute jump is accompanied by an expert. (Photo: Pixabay)

If it is your wish to live the experience of throwing yourself from a plane more than 13 thousand feet high, the parachute jump will be ideal for adventure, an activity that can be considered in various parts of the world. However, here we will present the costs and characteristics of three destinations dedicated to this launch and that are close to Mexico City.

In addition, these are beautiful destinations that you can visit during your stay and carry out some other activities.

In addition to visiting one of its spas, museums or special sites for rappelling, in Cuautla, Morelos, you can also jump into the void from an aircraft at approximately 200 kilometers per hour.

There are even skydiving groups with experts to hire their services, who will guide you and give you the best recommendations if it is your first time in this experience.

This extreme sport is performed in various parts of the world.  (Photo: Pixabay)
This extreme sport is performed in various parts of the world. (Photo: Pixabay)

For example, the grouping named skydive, It has various packages and security standards to be able to enjoy this jump without worry. According to their platform, they have the so-called tandem jump, which is a special training method they use for first-timers.

It involves a free fall of about 1 minute and at least 5 minutes of parachute flight. The costs to fill yourself with adrenaline in this extreme sport range from 3 thousand at 3 thousand 200 pesos per person.

This destination located in the state of Morelos It is considered one of the best for sports tourism. Among another of its attractions that you can consider visiting is the Laguna baptized with the same name, where the surroundings of this spring have been inhabited since the 18th century and where its main activities are agriculture and the extraction of some minerals.

For the parachute jump you can contact the same company mentioned above (skydive) and you can even book with 500 pesos through their internet platform.

Here the prices will vary according to the distance and time of your choice. For example, for a free fall of 30 seconds at 13,000 feet the cost will be in thousand 850 pesos; for 15,000 feet of altitude and 45 seconds of free fall, the price is 2 thousand 250 pesos and 2 thousand 750 pesos for one minute and 17 thousand feet high.

They also have the so-called tandem jump, which is classified as the most important method to live the experience accompanied by an experienced instructor, who will support you at all times.

If you want to capture the moment from one of its three Cessna planes, you can hire the photography and video service in the area. The prices they handle range from thousand pesos to 1,890 pesos.

The costs will vary in each destination.  Pixabay
The costs will vary in each destination. Pixabay

This place is a Magical Town located at the foot of the Popocatépetl volcano, in the state of Puebla. In this entity, walkers will be able to marvel at beautiful landscapes and carry out various activities such as visiting the Christmas village currently installed.

However, to jump off the cliff with a group of experts, you can visit the Xtreme Parkwhere you can challenge your limits and feel the adrenaline.

According to the experts of this place of Atlixco, You don’t need to be a professional to be able to hang from the skies, as it is contemplated for all those who want to try something different.

The interested person will receive a series of instructions before making the jump, which will allow the person to enjoy the air, while the instructor exercises all the pertinent maneuvers to plan what the trip ends with.

In this case, prices range from 2 thousand 600 pesos and the 3 thousand pesos. The planes parked in their hangar and used for these movements are the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan and Cessna C-182, which receive frequent maintenance from a specialized company based in the United States.

To guarantee greater safety for passengers, specialized companies gave some recommendations for this extreme sport, which are:

-Your weight may not exceed 90 kilos, otherwise an extra cost will be added.

-It is essential to present the original and a copy of your INE credential in the jump area.

-For safety reasons, people with the flu, heart problems, fractures, pregnant women, epilepsy or recent surgeries will not be able to jump.

-In case of reservation, present your reservation number to respect the promotions.

-Children who want to live the experience must be 7 years old and weigh more than 25 kilos.

Skydiving is an extreme sport that consists of jumping from a plane in mid-flight, with specialized equipment and personnel. Costs will vary based on experience and location.


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