How much did Alla Pugacheva spend on an emergency flight from Russia

Chronicle of the last day Alla Pugacheva in Russia”, as already dubbed in social networks on September 29, 2022, the media are restoring bit by bit. Here is the singer’s minibus turning off the track towards Vnukovo airport; here it enters the territory for VIP clients. And already from here, according to sources, Alla Borisovna, together with the children flew out of the country in a private jet. And how could it be otherwise, if the Primadonna has never used regular flights in recent years?

However, renting a business jet against the backdrop of recent events is not a cheap pleasure.

– Previously, for 3-4 hours of flight, customers paid 20-30 thousand euros, – told KP.RU music and television producer Dmitry Ashurov. – Now, due to the panic and congestion of airports, the price, of course, is different. According to my estimates, renting a business jet today costs from 50-70 thousand dollars. I think Pugacheva chose this option so as not to collide with other passengers. And, most likely, we are not talking about the near abroad, otherwise Alla Borisovna would have traveled by train. We all remember that she does not like to fly, so she always went on tour and vacation in Jurmala in her own car.

In addition, according to the producer, for passengers on private jets, the rule of loyal screening is behind the scenes.

– Everyone understands that this is a privileged audience, so they are not too strictly inspected at customs control. However, problems may arise in the host country, – said Dmitry Ashurov. – For example, if Pugacheva flies to Israel, local customs officers do not care if she is a star or not. There was a case when in Israel a Russian oligarch who flew in on his own plane was stripped to his underpants, although he was friends with the country’s authorities. It is especially problematic to import precious stones and diamonds if they are not part of personal jewelry. In addition, there are restrictions on the amount of cash.

Meanwhile, neither Alla Pugacheva herself nor her entourage comment on the news of her departure.


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