How many possible suicides were avoided in the CDMX Metro in this 2022

through the program "Let's save lives" Multiple users have made an attempt on their lives in the Metro (Photo: Twitter/MetroCDMX)
Through the “Save Lives” program, multiple users have attempted an attempt on their lives in the Metro (Photo: Twitter/MetroCDMX)

Every day, in the Meter From Mexico City Millions of passengers are transported along its 12 lines, making it one of the most important railway networks in the capital. However, on some occasions the passengers who use it do not do so to move to a specific place, but to attempt on his life.

Throughout this 2022, the Collective Transportation System (STC) reported on multiple occasions about the temporary suspension of its service because someone had thrown themselves onto the tracks. This, in addition to affecting the running of the trains, also has a psychological impact in users and the driver of the convoy involved.

That is why it has been implemented “Save Lives” programin order to dissuade people who present an emotional crisis within the Metro facilities and show intentions of attempting against their lives.

Thanks to this program, throughout the current year prevented just over 100 users “with suicidal ideation” they will throw themselves in front of the train. It was through persuasion techniques that Metro personnel invited said passengers to give up their attempt, in order to later provide them with psychological care.

More than 500 users have received care through the program "Let's save lives" (Photo: Twitter/MetroCDMX)
More than 500 users have received care through the “Save Lives” program (Photo: Twitter/MetroCDMX)

This was announced by the capital’s Metro through a statement, although they did not detail which lines or stations the largest number of cases were presented. “From January to December 2022, through the “Save Lives” program, psychological deterrence and containment was achieved for 108 users who expressed the intent to take his life“, it was informed.

Said program was created in August 2016 and since that date 547 people have received care against possible risks of a suicidal act. Security personnel in charge of guarding the platforms participated in these actions, as well as Metro transportation, customer service and health personnel.

When a passenger presents an emotional crisis, the first thing that is done is to activate the Protocol for Action in Suicidal Act Risk Situations, while the security forces make the first approach and establish a dialogue with the user. Subsequently, the program’s head psychologist is notified to intervene and, if possible, the direct relatives of the affected person are contacted.

In the event that the deterred person requires psychological and psychiatric care, there is the direct collaboration of the Fray Bernardino Alvarez Hospital so that specialized personnel can follow up on the user.

Throughout this 2022, about 202 people lost their lives in the Metro facilities (Photo: Twitter@MetroCDMX)
Throughout this 2022, about 202 people lost their lives in the Metro facilities (Photo: [email protected])

These cases are classified as a “relevant event”, which also implies the evacuation of the train in question and the withdrawal of the driver to start with a psychological treatmentwhich can last a couple of weeks, depending on the degree of involvement.

According to the Metro Civil Protection coordinator, Luis Lamah, the average time between the power outage on the tracks and the rescue of the person (with or without life) is from 17 minutes approximately, although it can increase depending on the work.

Each year there is an average of between 35 and 50 deaths inside the Metro facilities. So far in the current administration (2018-2022), close to 202 people they have lost their lives. In the current year, 40 cases were reported (with a cutoff of December 21), according to data collected by Expansion, which represents an increase compared to previous years.


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