How many followers does Yanet García have on OnlyFans and how much does she earn

Yanet García, 31, is the "Weather Girl" most famous in Mexico (Photo: Instagram/@iamyanetgarcia)
Yanet García, 31, is the most famous “Climate Girl” in Mexico (Photo: Instagram/@iamyanetgarcia)

Yanet Garciaknown to be the Weather Girlis one of the most successful Mexicans in onlyfansmanaging to sell his photos to thousands of people and collecting large amounts of money for showing his naked body.

More than a year after Yanet García opened an account for onlyfans to sell erotic and exclusive content for those who are willing to pay to see their body. At the time of her, the presenter caused controversy by announcing this news, but she would currently be one of the most successful models in Mexico on this platform.

Yanet currently has her profile configured in such a way that you cannot see the number of followers she has on onlyfans; However, according to the magazine TV Notescurrently the Weather Girl would have about 5 thousand subscribers on that site, but Internet users assured on social networks that it would have more 2000.

Garcia charges each subscriber $20 a monthso if the data of TV Notes they are real, I would earn 2 million pesos a month. If I had 2 thousand followers, I would reach 400 thousand pesos per month, although this depends on how much the numbers of people subscribed can change.

In August of this year it emerged on social networks that, according to the investigation of The Century of Torreon, Yanet Garcia I would earn per month 1 million 50 thousand pesosbut this information has not been confirmed by the presenter.

Due to the restrictions that the model maintains in her profile of onlyfansit is not possible for sites that analyze the statistics of the platform to compare your account with that of other users who sell content.

Yanet opened her profile on OnyFans in April 2021 (Photo: Instagram/@iamyanetgarcia)
Yanet opened her profile on OnyFans in April 2021 (Photo: Instagram/@iamyanetgarcia)

As reported TV NotesYanet would have shared with her closest people that during her first days selling erotic content she managed to earn 800 thousand pesos, managing to exceed her own expectations.

Thanks to the success that the former presenter of Hoy has had, not only in onlyfansbut also throughout his television career, a few months ago he presumed that he had managed to make his dream of buying a luxurious apartment in Manhattan, New York, come true, something that for a time he thought was not possible.

It should be noted that the profile with the most earnings within the platform is that of the user gem101call Gemma McCourtwho according to the site Hubite would get close to USD 29 million a year. According to the same statistics page, it would have 102 thousand subscribers, a number that it gathered until the end of August.

Regarding numbers in Mexico, Celia Lora would be the user that generates the most profits in onlyfansbecause by subscription it also charges USD 20 and supposedly has 20 thousand subscribersalthough your profile does not allow access to this data either.

Yanet García, 31, originally from Nuevo León, began her career on the small screen thanks to the presenter Mauro Morales invited her to give the weather in Televisa Monterreyinside the program royal people.

Thanks to the attention that the young woman managed to achieve, she was invited to participate in adult magazines such as Playboywith which his popularity jumped to the national level.

After a while, Yanet decided to move to Mexico City and there she joined the ranks of the most important program in Televisa, Today, also presenting the weather. The model did not stop there, as she continued her career on television hand in hand with Univisionin the United States, where he currently lives.


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