How many and what calories should be removed from food

Just start moving towards slimness without fooling yourself.

Just start moving towards slimness without fooling yourself.

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Obesity and overweight is the non-communicable pandemic of our time. According to international studies, one in five women and one in seven men in the world will suffer from obesity by 2030, and this will amount to a billion people. Consequences of obesity high risk of development cardiovascular diseases, joint diseases, certain types of cancer. However, neither genetics, nor family eating habits, nor lack of movement, nor any medications and everything else would never lead to a set of adipose tissue, if it were not for the most important and fundamental factor – overeating, notes in a publication on his telegram channel. Endocrinologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, Moscow State University, author of the channel “Doctor Pavalova” and books “Substance Cheating” Zukhra Pavlova.

The Lomonosov-Lazoisier law (the law of conservation of mass) leaves no doubt that extra pounds of adipose tissue are extra calories that came with food. The mass of substances that entered into a chemical reaction is equal to the mass of the formed substances. This is the law of nature.

“When obese patients say that they eat little, they are most often sincerely mistaken,” writes doctor Zukhra Pavlova. – They just think that their portions are of normal size and moderate in composition of proteins-fats-carbohydrates. They don’t notice their biting between meals. If you start keeping a food diary, writing down everything responsibly, you can become aware of the problem even before coming to the doctor. Any change starts with awareness. You have to see the problem in order to start solving it.

What can be the key to gaining freedom from excess weight?

– If you reduce each serving by only 1/5, then you will definitely begin to lose weight.

With a standard calorie intake for an average woman of 1600 – 1800 kcal, you need to remove 320-360 kcal per day. Most likely, they hide in cookies, sweets and other inconspicuous “something for tea.”

– Just start moving towards slimness without fooling yourself. As a result, you will have a light, slender body. Which will be beautiful at any age, – says Dr. Zukhra Pavlova.


The basis of a healthy diet according to the norms WHO

– Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains (such as raw corn, millet, oats, wheat, and brown rice).

– For added benefit – less than 5% of total energy intake is all sugars, including food or drink additives, sugars naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates.

– Less than 30% of total energy intake is fat. Unsaturated fats (found in fish, avocados, and nuts, as well as sunflower, soy, canola, and olive oils) are preferred over saturated fats (found in fatty meats, butter, palm and coconut oils, cream, cheese, ghee).

– Reduce trans fat intake to less than 1% of total calories. Trans fats come from frying foods (steam is best), and trans fats are found in prepackaged snacks and foods such as frozen pizzas, pies, cookies, biscuits, and waffles. Trans fats, which are the result of heavily processed foods, should be especially avoided.

– Less than 5 grams of salt (equivalent to about one teaspoon) per day. Salt must be iodized.

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