How Lyubov Uspenskaya has been living in Russia for 30 years with an American passport: you can’t vote, but your pension is 100 thousand

The KP.RU website found out what would change for the artist, and how she lived without a passport for many years

The KP.RU website found out what would change for the artist, and how she lived without a passport for many years

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Lyubov Uspenskaya’s statement that she is about to get Russian citizenshipshocked fans. How can it be: the singer has been living in Russia for almost 30 years (since 1994), calls herself the queen of Russian chanson, owns a luxurious mansion in the Moscow region, and has not acquired a Russian passport?

“I have had American citizenship for many, many years,” Uspenskaya admitted in an interview a few years ago. – I am not a citizen of Russia, because in 1979 I left for America, I had refugee status. I was then deprived of the citizenship of the Soviet Union. I don’t mind having Russian citizenship, because I live here and will continue to live. But I consulted with experts – they told me it was impossible. Who received US citizenship at that time cannot have a second citizenship.

But now, in some miraculous way, Ouspenskaya has succeeded. The KP.RU website found out what would change for the artist, and how she lived without a passport for many years.


– Most likely, Lyubov Uspenskaya had a residence permit in Russia: earlier it was issued for 5 years, and now it is indefinite. It is quite easy for immigrants from the USSR to get it, since Russia is the successor to the Soviet Union, explains star lawyer Andrey Aleshkin. – Subsequently, after a few years with a residence permit, you can get a Russian passport, while retaining an American one. Dual citizenship is allowed, no problem.

With a residence permit, which in documentary terms is a booklet similar to a passport, a citizen can freely reside in Russia. With only one condition: in our country, he must be at least six months a year. And in order to obtain a passport after a residence permit, a foreign citizen must continuously live in Russia for 5 years, leaving the country for no more than 3 months per calendar year.


“A foreigner with a residence permit in Russia has no restrictions in everyday life, except for one thing: such a person cannot take part in elections – neither vote nor stand as a candidate,” says political scientist and specialist in the post-Soviet space Andrey Suzdaltsev. – Another curious thing – a person with a residence permit cannot use the State Services service: it is necessary to enter passport data there.

Everything else – registration of SIM cards, bank cards, payment of taxes, employment (except for the civil service) – for a person with a residence permit, especially with a residence permit, is no different from a person with a passport.


Lyubov Uspenskaya, according to her confession, did not draw up a pension in Russia – they say, there is no need: she still works and is not going to retire. However, the singer was cunning.

– Uspenskaya’s pension as a US citizen, receives in America. And most likely, he will not change it to Russian even after receiving a passport. The benefit here is obvious: the minimum pension in the United States is $1,503, or about 100,000 rubles at the current exchange rate, lawyer Alyoshkin notes.


The self-proclaimed queen of chanson has repeatedly repeated: titles and titles do not bother her, she has enough people’s love. However, here, too, Uspenskaya flirted: in fact, without a passport of the Russian Federation, she cannot become either an Honored, let alone a People’s Artist.

– And it is fair, – Andrey Suzdaltsev considers. – Especially now they began to look closely. Therefore, titles without a passport cannot be seen.


The singer hides income?

With a residence permit, there are no restrictions on work: at least for hire, at least for yourself – work as you wish. However, as the KP.RU website found out, neither an individual entrepreneur nor an LLC was registered for the singer. Although in show business every second, if not the first, is an “IP” in the field of performing arts: this is how artists legalize their income. And then what about the income of Uspenskaya?

“If no firms are registered for the artist, most likely they are registered with other persons – friends, partners, close relatives,” suggests lawyer Alyoshkin. – Why should Uspenskaya hide her involvement in this business? Only she knows the answer to this question.

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