How long will Europe support Ukraine, the political scientist explained

Europe will provide active assistance Ukraine until it itself faces serious economic problems. This opinion was expressed by a political scientist Gennady Podlesny in an interview with TV channel “360”.

The expert believes that dissatisfaction with the Ukrainians who arrived will only increase, since they do nothing and do not work, and most do not know the language. Also, they do not have certificates confirming their ability to work in their specialty, and can only receive benefits as refugees.

The analyst cited Germany as an example, recalling that the country’s main factories are moving to the United States. And this means that a huge number of Germans will be left without work.

“Support for the Ukrainians will end at the moment when the country’s authorities have difficulties with the help of their own population. The German leadership will have to deal with people who have lost their jobs and subsidies for certain goods,” the channel’s interlocutor concluded.

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