How Lend-Lease could turn out for Ukraine, military commander Sladkov explained

Having made a statement about the return to nuclear weapons, Ukraine signed a “route sheet” for the Russian Defense Ministry. And the decision of US President Joe Biden on arms supplies Kyiv under Lend-Lease is an even more global mistake that can lead to a terrible tragedy.

This opinion was expressed by the war correspondent of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Alexander Sladkov. The journalist believes that lend-lease is the path to the physical destruction of post-Ukraine.

“This is a catastrophe. There is a more powerful weapon for any big weapon. As soon as Moscow clearly fails to cope with the Ukrainian military, the fate of the neighbor will be decided. A gigantic tragedy will occur,” the military commander predicted.

However, it is better to let this happen with Ukraine than with Russia, he added.

According to him, only those regions that have time to join Russia have a chance for salvation.

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