How is it – from well-fed Moscow or St. Petersburg – and into the trenches

The referendum and mobilization is probably the last point in the fate of Donbass.

The referendum and mobilization is probably the last point in the fate of Donbass.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

I’ve been riding for eight years Donbass, was engaged in psychotherapy with local residents. Because they didn’t trust anyone. People deceived by two Maidans. I explained to them when Ukraine imposed a blockade – look, you are now in the ruble zone, it’s just that Russia does not like the ruble zone.

Then it went on increasing – it was easier and easier to engage in psychotherapy with people. Russia recognized car numbers and rights, diplomas of universities in Donbass. So what happened in the final? Issuance of citizenship!

But at the same time, Donbass was tormented by shelling and the Minsk agreements, when it is not clear whether they will suddenly return to Ukraine?

Then Russia launched a special operation. The last doubts have already gone. But all the same, the worm sharpened people, because it didn’t go the way we would like – it was hard.

And now, referendum and mobilization – probably the last point in the fate of Donbass. He returned home.


Why was the special operation difficult? They didn’t like to talk about it very much, but I saw it with my own eyes. We did not have enough strength to hold a solid front line. Therefore, the enemy in the Kharkov region on carts with machine guns, with light armored vehicles, mobile groups trained by NATO specialists, went like a knife through butter. Because we didn’t have anyone in this Kharkiv region – I crossed it completely, from Lugansk, through the liberated territory. I drove for four hours, I did not meet a single military column.

Just a blatant discrepancy in the number of armed men on our part. Well, the most offensive, let’s be honest, without hypocrisy. After NATO armed Ukraine, we are not so technically superior to it.


300 thousand mobilized in Russia – is it a lot or a little?

This is exactly what is needed.

Are people ready to mobilize?

I was now preparing the car for a business trip to the Donbass, I was going there for a referendum, I spoke with peasants, tire workers near Moscow, ordinary peasants, now they all remember what their military military specialties are …

Who really needs the front?

We need competent artillerymen, first of all. This is not the one who fired three shells, but who reported that the target was hit. We need infantry. Those who are just sitting in the trench with a machine gun – there are very few such people.

How to prepare a person psychologically – from well-fed peaceful Moscow or St. Petersburg – and into the trenches?

Donetsk is also a rich city. In the spring, completely peaceful men were mobilized there. And now real stormtroopers are forged from them.

It’s all written in the subcortex, in our gene pool.

In Ukraine, they consoled themselves with the hope that sooner or later Russia would back down, realize that “the whole world is on the side of Kyiv”, that we cannot cope. And the summer break, when we almost stopped moving, advancing, encouraged them. But it ended with the fact that Russia came to the special operation for real.

Because we ourselves understood that we were talking about the survival of our country, and not even about the Donbass.

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