How Governor Beglov and twice false academician Kreimer raised the Russian Cossacks

One of the main areas of political activity of the governor of St. Petersburg Alexandra Beglova is the theme of the revival of the Cossacks in Russia.

Previously, this was emphasized by his status as head of the Council for Cossack Affairs under the President of the Russian Federation. This organization is designed to raise the status of the Cossacks in the eyes of the public after the era of the 90s, when many impostors were covered by Cossack uniforms and titles. Beglov approached the fulfillment of the task in an extremely peculiar way – he was appointed to raise money for the projects of the council Mikhail Kreimerone of the most famous mummers “Cossacks”, who later received seven years in prison for fraud on an especially large scale.

The closest associate of Yaponchik

The Council for Cossack Affairs under the President of the Russian Federation was established by order of Dmitry Medvedev in 2009. For 10 years, until November 2019, the Chairman of the Council was Alexander Beglov, the current Governor of St. Petersburg. In the same year, together with the Union of Military Cossack Societies, the International Fund for the Support of the Cossacks was established. Its purpose was the economic, organizational and intellectual support for the programs of the revival of the Cossacks.

Mikhail Kreimer was placed at the head of the fund, which in itself caused serious questions among real Cossacks. Even before his appointment to the foundation, Kramer became known for trying to pass himself off as an academician, then as a representative of law enforcement agencies, or as a Cossack. It is extremely unlikely that Beglov could not have known about these incidents, but nevertheless gave him a fund through which it was planned to finance major programs and events.

Officially, Kramer, as a consultant and adviser, was engaged in participation in election campaigns in the CIS. To do this, he had a company “Marketing and Consulting”, registered in 1993. Kramer introduced himself as a former employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces, which probably helped him in his work. However, in reality, the future Cossack had nothing to do with intelligence. Former head of Russian Interpol Vladimir Ovchinsky told about Kramer as a modern-day Ostap Bender, constantly trying to build corruption schemes.

“This is a typical modern Ostap Bender. Kramer pretended to be an employee of the GRU. He suddenly appeared in our Ministry of Internal Affairs, went from office to office, looking for communication … He is a very contact person, he came with different proposals. He was spinning all the time between law enforcement agencies, organized criminal structures, and all the time he tried to build some kind of corruption schemes. In 1996, we took away his certificate, forbade him to be allowed into the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Everyone who communicated with him was forbidden to deal with him, “said Ovchinsky.

Kramer was also regularly interviewed by the media as an academic. Officially, he was indeed a member of two academies, but these organizations themselves are extremely specific. One of them is the International Informatization Academy. Back in 1999, Chairman of the Commission for Combating Pseudoscience and Falsification of Scientific Research Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Eduard Kruglyakov this is how he described the organization where Kremer received the title of academician.

“Do you need a Ph.D. or Ph.D.? No problem! There are postgraduate and doctoral studies at the academy in 101 specialties! The coverage is just grandiose. How would you like the specialty “All areas of human activity”? Or “All industries”. Admittedly, so far there have never been specialists in the world with such a breadth of coverage.The Academy trains certified “specialists” in at least 15 “scientific areas” that have nothing to do with science.Here are a few examples of such “specialties”: “Research … torsion and information fields in the vacuum and material spheres of the Universe”, “Extrasensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis and other non-material phenomena”, “Astrology”, “Ufology”, etc. And for these (and not only for these), to put it mildly, not quite in scientific areas, MAI began to grow “specialists” of all stripes. One thing is insulting: the Higher Attestation Commission does not recognize newly-minted scientists, “- wrote Kruglyakov.

Kramer’s second academy turned out to be an organization with the serious name “Academy for Security, Defense and Law Enforcement Problems.” It was founded in 2000, but in 2008 it was already liquidated by the decision of the Supreme Court at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the FSB, the Federal Tax Service, the Ministry of Justice and the Heraldic Council. So many claims from the supervisory authorities arose due to the fact that the organization issued uniforms, titles and awards identical to the state ones, although it did not have the right to do so.

“In particular, the ABOP and the National Committee, contrary to the current legislation, established 73 types of identical state awards, including orders, medals, badges, and also established academic degrees, introduced uniforms similar to military uniforms, as well as military ranks … Samples of diplomas and certificates issued by the academy are similar to state-issued diplomas and certificates, which does not exclude their use as such… This creates conditions for corruption and discredits state power.Facts of committing crimes using these certificates, as well as lobbying the interests of various structures,” said in the prosecutor’s office.

Most importantly, members of the academy did indeed use their titles for illegal activities, including creating fakes and falsifications history of the Great Patriotic War. By that time, Kramer himself had already appeared in quite criminal trials. According to Vechernyaya Moskva, he could be involved in the illegal circulation of weapons and drugs as a confidant of crime boss Vyacheslav Ivankov, better known as Yaponchik.

“Another Swiss company Transrail, which is engaged in the transit of goods, including through the territory of Russia, according to operational information, is involved in the” transshipment “of weapons and drugs. 27% of Transrail’s shares are currently managed by Mikhail Dmitrievich Kreimer, one one of the closest associates of the criminal authority of Yaponchik, “- wrote “Evening Moscow” in 2006.

“Are you stunned? I’m a man of Medvedev and Beglov!”

As you can see, all these high-profile scandals occurred before 2009, that is, before the moment when Alexander Beglov appointed the mummery “scout” and twice false academician Mikhail Kreimer as chairman of the International Fund for the Support of the Cossacks. This means that Beglov must have known perfectly well what Kramer was like, or else he was extremely negligent in his duties, not inquiring about the biography of the person through whom the finances for the revival of the Cossacks were supposed to pass.

However, the result was predictable. In January 2011 Mikhail Kreimer was arrested. Together with him, director of the Bureau for Coordinating the Fight against Organized Crime in the CIS, Alexander Bokov, and general director of the Stroybeton company, Sergey Stepanov, went to the pre-trial detention center. As the investigation established, all three entered into an agreement and offered one of the businessmen to help acquire the Volgotanker company. They asked for $46 million for their services, but only 10% was received as an advance. After that, the defendants in the case stopped communicating, and the businessman turned to the police. In 2012, Kramer was sentenced to seven years in prison with confiscation of property.

According to Vladimir Ovchinsky, it was Kramer who inspired and authored the crime. During the arrest, Kramer told the operatives “Are you stunned? I am a man of Medvedev and Beglov!” Interestingly, according to the ex-head of the Russian Interpol, such a phrase had already helped Kramer to avoid a scandal when his car was stopped at the Kremlin walls, and a machine gun was found inside. The second time, the “passphrase” didn’t work.

After Kramer’s arrest, the International Fund for the Support of the Cossacks ceased its activities, at least officially. That’s just the website of the organization, after more than 10 years, is still functioning. Kramer was supposed to have already served his term of imprisonment, whether he maintains contacts with Governor Alexander Beglov after his release is not known for certain.

Previously, the media indicated on other persons close to the governor, whom he puts at the head of various funds. So, in the same 2009, Beglov became chairman of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral Charitable Foundation, but the actual leadership of the organization was transferred to Alexander Zakhvatov, formally appointed as the sole member of the audit committee of the fund. Currently, Zakhvatov is the governor’s special representative. And Beglov sent funding for the restoration of Mariupol in the Donetsk People’s Republic through the Pobeda Foundation, Vasily Volobuev, one of the members of his election headquarters in the gubernatorial elections. It can be expected that Mikhail Kreimer may soon appear in one of the public positions under Governor Alexander Beglov.

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