How Germany “missed” the sabotage at Nord Stream, explained in Junge Welt

The NATO leadership has stated that it is ready to resolutely respond to sabotage against the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. The North Atlantic Alliance stressed that any attack on the critical infrastructure of member countries of the bloc will entail a harsh response. This was stated by a German observer Jörg Kronauer.

He noted that explosions could be larger than the press suggests. Earlier, the Swedish Coast Guard discovered a fourth gas leak.

Russia is convinced that the United States is involved in pipeline damage, Cronauer said. The Russian side also wonders why neither NATO nor European countries were supposedly aware of the impending sabotage, because the Baltic Sea is under close control.

“In addition, extensive intelligence in the Baltic is the field of activity of the Bundeswehr, which, according to the military, even plays a “leading role” within NATO,” the analyst said in the publication. Junge Welt.

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