How China will respond to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

China’s response to the visit of the speaker of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi on Taiwan will be “tough and powerful” in the military and diplomatic spheres. This opinion was expressed by a sinologist, publicist Nikolay Vavilov.

The expert noted that European, and sometimes even Russian logic should not be expected from China: an eye for an eye. But China does not act tactically, it understands that this is a provocation of the entire US top leadership, the analyst explained.

China also understands that it is not profitable for it to participate in this provocation now, to get involved in it means to lose. And it responds strategically by deploying the Navy around Taiwan from all sides – in six areas. That is, he begins modeling the blockade of the island, the publicist added.

In his opinion, China has already begun preparations for real hostilities. And not necessarily that they will be tomorrow.

“But China wants to win strategically. And the entire population of Taiwan is well aware of this,” the expert said in the “Great Game” program on Channel One.

Pelosi won tactically, but lost strategically. It is clear that the Rubicon has been crossed, there will be no more normal dialogue between the US and China after this visit. The situation will only worsen further, since the deployed units of the Chinese Navy will not be withdrawn from the waters of the Taiwan Strait, and real hostilities may begin at any moment, Vavilov concluded.

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