Horror in South Africa: a former soccer player was found lifeless after being mutilated by his dogs in his home

  Philemon Mulala was 60 years old and was mutilated by his own dogs
Philemon Mulala was 60 years old and was mutilated by his own dogs

the football of Zambia is in mourning after the death of Philemon Mulalaa former player who was champion of the Central and East African Cup, the first title of the team after its independence. But beyond the pain, the news generated an impact due to the brutality surrounding the sad event after it became known that he was killed by his dogs.

The event took place on Monday in Lichtenburg, South Africa, and the Police spokesman, Captain Sam Tselanyane, was the one who revealed that it was the partner of the 60-year-old former soccer player who found him lifeless: “She did not bother to go and check if something was wrong (when the dogs barked ) as your home is situated on a busy street and dogs frequently bark at passing pedestrians and vehicles. After power was restored, she went in looking for her husband, but she couldn’t find him. By continuing your search, the woman saw her husband lying motionless outside in the garden. She then went outside, only to find out that he had been bitten by his dogs.”

The three animals that mutilated mulala They were withdrawn by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and there was still no word on what will happen to them. in dialogue with News24Lillian Chileshe, wife of the former soccer player, commented that she never thought that the dogs would turn against her, since Prosper, Blessing and Bulldozer they were with them since puppies.

The former player is remembered for his participation in the Central and Eastern African Cup, which the team won in 1984, being the first major title won after independence in 1964. Nicknamed shombo (worker), scored two goals in the semifinals against Kenya of that tournament. “We continue with wonderful memories with which the late Philemon honored us on the pitch,” said the secretary general of his country’s soccer federation, Adrian Kashala, in dialogue with ESPN. “There’s a lot players today can learn from that generation,” he added, referring to the generation. chipopolo of the 80’s that brought great happiness to that country.

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