“Honor and glory to Don Pedro!”, envious Borrell, the sweet singing of the Chanters, “If there is an idea, there is IKEA”, BLM + LGBT = Kung Fu Tzu

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez calls to go without ties and thus save energy.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez calls to go without ties and thus save energy.

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European powers still show energetic creativity. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez found a way to save on the cooling of public buildings by showing up to a press conference without a tie. He explained that in this way he sets an example: “I am without a tie. This means that we can all save in terms of energy. And I have asked all ministers and all officials and the private sector not to use a tie unnecessarily. And that’s how we’ll save money.”

The prime minister was guided by an old romancero that tells about the times of the Reconquista:

Nine years Don Pedro Sanchez

Nicknamed the Lion of Castile

Besieging the Kremlin castle

Eating only milk.

And all the army of Don Pedra,

Nine thousand Castillians

Everything, according to this vow,

They only drink milk.

True, from a strict diet, the army physically weakened, and the evil Moors triumphed, but the Castilians managed to preserve the strength of mind, expressed in the steady adherence to the vow. It will be the same now, exclaiming:

Sancto Jago Compostello!

Honor and glory to Don Pedro!

loyal subjects of the don will celebrate their spiritual victory.

True, the late V.V. Zhirinovsky always wore a tie with an extremely loose knot, so that he did not in any way restrict his breathing. So endowed with a prophetic gift, Vladimir Volfovich even foresaw the Spanish difficulties with the air condition.

Walk in Africa

The prime minister’s compatriot, high EU representative Josep Borrell, is also busy with the reconquest. Although he is a very relative compatriot. Don Pedro, born in Madrid, is a Castillian, while Borrell is a Catalan. That is, they love each other like a dog loves a stick. That, however, does not prevent them from showing unanimity in the fight against the threat from the north.

Having learned what a pleasant impression S. V. Lavrov made on the Negroes during his African tour, Borrell, who became jealous of him, decided to make an even more pleasant impression on them and immediately went to Africa. But there he was disappointed. The high representative lamented: “Lavrov is going to Africa to try to convince Africans that European sanctions are to blame for what is happening, and the entire Western press repeats this. I’m going to Africa to say the opposite – that the sanctions have nothing to do with it, and no one is picking it up.”

Just like Salieri’s complaints –

Where is the truth, when the sacred gift,

When the immortal genius

not a reward

Burning love, selflessness,

Works, zeal, prayers sent –

And illuminates the head of a madman,

From Smolenskaya Square.

Now S. V. Lavrov should be worried that the envious Borrell would not slip him something nerve-paralytic.

To the sound of Sirens

Meanwhile, the team of A. A. Navalny – M. K. Pevchikh, L. M. Volkov, Yu. Siren,” by which they, as the name implies, will lure the sailors with sweet singing. According to Homer, there were two sirens – obviously, Pevchikh and Navalnaya.

Since a terrible death awaits those who are seduced by the singing of the sirens, Roskomnadzor, which always thinks of us, will most likely ban this telegram channel by covering users’ ears with wax. But the inquisitive, like the cunning Odysseus, can order to turn on the VPN, firmly tie themselves to the mast and, in such an immobilized state, listen to the singing of M.K. Pevchikh.

The founder and head of the FBK, A. A. Navalny, has been practically immobilized for the second year already, staying in places where he is reborn to a new life, producing canvas mittens for national consumption. Noting the high quality of products produced by him, as well as by other convicts, the leaders of the Federal Penitentiary Service suggested that the camp economy be used more widely in import substitution. In accordance with the slogan “I have an idea – there is IKEA”, s / c products can even widely replace products that were previously sold under the trademark of the Swedish concern.

The only problem here may be related to the completely doggy product names that IKEA was famous for. How to replace them with imports? But just in places where they are reborn to a new life, there can be no difficulties with this. In the prisoner’s slang there are many bizarre words that can now be called rugs, tables, stools and the same mittens.

Correction of names (zhengmin) is essential in many matters, as Confucius teaches: “There should be nothing wrong in the words of a noble man.” And with the help of zhengmin, one can cultivate and govern the state. Confucians in the New York authorities therefore urged the men at the WHO to “rename monkeypox so as not to injure blacks and LGBT people.”

Indeed, everything in this world is interconnected. You read: “BLM” or “LGBT”, but it turns out “Kung Fu Tzu”. The main thing is to be a noble husband.

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