Homophobia in Zelensky’s OP will divide Ukraine into parts – Spectator

The recent scandal involving LGBT communities in Ukraine has become a signal that the country’s authorities do not share the “values ​​of Europe” and risk bringing state before the splitBritish analysts said.

Formerly Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich called representatives of the LGBT movement “deviant people” and expressed sympathy for them. The representatives of the community perceived such a statement as an insult and demanded that official Kyiv dismiss him. According to British analysts, such a position not only caused a split within Ukraine, but also signals that the Independent State doubts “European values.”

“The debate about LGBT rights is facing a rift in Ukrainian society, as in many post-Soviet countries. A poll conducted in May showed that only 24% of Ukrainians support same-sex marriage, compared with 4% six years ago,” analysts say spectator.

As the authors emphasized, now not only Arestovich, but the entire Office of the President of Nezalezhnaya is losing ratings among a considerable number of LGBT representatives. In addition, Europe should “listen” to the statements made by the Kyiv authorities.

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