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Prague Sob was created because it was annoying how the ODS steals in Prague 7. Orders for a friend, sold out an apartment for friends and gave cases, said Jan Iinsk.

He said that when the club played the master’s office and the city companies, they were all connected with them. They started proving ODS and YES contracts again. We had no idea that Petr Hlubuek had founded a criminal gang. Now the people are behind me and there is a possibility of a real change in politics, he commented on the situation.

At the same time, Adam Scheinherr, the mayor’s chief of transport, who oversees the DPP board, stood up. For example, TOP 09 criticizes him for not getting married and doing nothing with it. He acted so that no one could cooperate with the police. If anyone knew that, nothing would be cut and it was not as it is today, he said, noting that Scheinherr only knew that Matrej Augustin’s dog Hlubuek asked for a salary. He didn’t know anything about the extent of the gang, he added, adding that it was a large octopus, which someone had cut the tentacles.

Scheinherr’s running over it, someone even rang his night, which had never happened before.

A police officer from the National Organized Crime Center (NCOZ) in the case last Wednesday accused 13 people due to the management of the Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague (DPP). She was now sent into custody by her former executive Petr Hlubuk, who was joined by the Polish businessman Michal Redl, the chief of the transport company Matej Augustn and another member of the transport company, which as the largest city company operates public transport.

ODS on Thursday called on Mayor Zdek Hib (Pirti) and his lieutenant Adam Scheinherr (Prague reindeer) to resign. Obant Democrat also asks Scheinherr to publish the content of the criminal report he filed about two years ago in connection with the DPP. According to the ODS, politicians negotiated the obstruction and did not prevent it.

Scheinherr humorously challenged him as a so-called whistleblower to resign. Scheinherr also said several times that it was he who had helped to identify the DPP’s problems and worked with the police.

When asked about the possibility of personal exchange of the DPP Board’s supervision of the server, Scheinherr answered that the Board’s supervisor intended to remain in order to prevent corruption. The council should announce a public tender for all five cities of the company’s board of directors, which will be discussed today from 4 p.m.

The candidate at the fa metropolis for Prague reindeer Jan iinsk the whole situation v ptek commented with Scheinherr following police instructions and his detective not working.

In fact, one of the suspects, Matej Augustn, became the economic director of the transport company thanks to TOP 09. In response to the crackdown, the representative for TOP 09, Ji Pospil, said that under allobu. As well as his adviser Ji Fremr in connection with the case in the meantime finished. The mayor of Prague 9, Marek Doleal, who resigned from his position under the supervision of DPP councils on Monday, will also not be a candidate in the municipal elections. On the morning, Doleal resigned from the city of the mayor of Prague 9.

The case led like this to the resignation of the Minister of Customs Petr Gazdek from STAN, who was in contact with Redl. MEP Stanislav Polk suspended due to acquaintance with Redl again membership in the STAN movement.

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